Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Where's Patrick?


When I moved back to America after living a vagabond/hippie life style for close to seven years in Asia and Europe, I didn't have a career path. I tried a few things based on my experiences in Europe, teaching photography, working in health food restaurants, writing... Eventually I wound up in San Francisco and got a job working in a public relations firm. My job was to get stories about our clients-- the Rocky Horror Show was one, the Oakland Ballet, a band called Country Porn... But p.r. 101 was to create a buzz by getting friendly journalists who I may have, say, taken to lunch or been friendlier to than I might have otherwise, to write stories about our clients and to coordinate them so they came out strategically. Believe me, when you see even legitimate newspapers like the NY Times and Washington Post come out with a story on the same day, it's because someone was out pitching it to them. And when it's something like Politico you can be 100% positive its coming from a press shop. The flurry of bad press for Alan Grayson today was coordinated by Chuck Schumer. John Bresnahan and Marc Caputo should be ashamed, embarrassed... both. Politico... a classless gossip rag exists so that political operatives like Brooklyn lowlife Schumer, who would sell access to his wife's ass if anyone was interested-- be careful Amy, he'll sell you too if he gets a chance-- can spread his poison far and wide. The deranged woman who tricked Grayson into marrying him-- their marriage was annulled-- is working for Schumer to poison Grayson's Senate primary campaign against Wall Street-Schumer shill, Patrick Murphy. And someone like Jason Zengerle dragging New York into the world of Schumer-stenography... that is embarrassing! What about David Nir? That must be coming momentarily. This is no different from what the DNC attempted to do to Bernie to rig the election against him. And it's no different from what Lolita Grayson did 3 years ago-- when the police-- looking and listening to tapes-- found she was out of her mind and her charges completely unfounded.

Grayson's daughter Skye (21), a friend of mine, and a level headed student at Columbia University: "My mother has always struggled with emotional issues. She physically lashed out at me, my siblings and our father, and then blamed us for it, victimizing us. This resulted in a considerably troubled childhood home. Her harsh and volatile behavior eventually caused my siblings Star and Sage and I to choose to live with our father exclusively. It has been a highly difficult experience to move on from this, both personally and publicly. All that we've asked for is a little privacy in what is supposed to be a strictly family matter. The fact that my pains, my younger siblings' pains and my father's pains are being put on display for political purposes is deeply callous. Our lives are not pawns in a game for power, and our futures should not be called into question by a political opponent. Let's stick to the relevant issues, and preserve some small degree of honor in the process."

Watching Bernie's and Elizabeth Warren's uplifting convention addresses Monday night made me think how much better off the Democratic Party would be if a two ion truck were to run over Schumer today and the Senate Democrats got to elect Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders to be the party leader instead. But that's not how it happens. Evil-- dark, dark evil, the spawn of Satan-- wins these contests. And there is no one-- not on either side of the aisle, more evil and vile and contemptible than Chuck Schumer. As Elizabeth Warren said, "Bernie reminds us what Democrats fight for every day.' Does Chuck Schumer? No, he reminds us what republicans fight for every day, particularly Wall Street his political raison d'être. $25,853,291... that's the total amount in bribes, at least reported bribes they call campaign contributions, that the Financial Sector gave Schumer since 1990, more than to any other member of Congress other than a few who have run for president-- but far more than what the Wall Street banksters gave to Boehner ($12,202,398), McConnell ($11,756,576), Paul Ryan ($8,174,380) or Harry Reid ($6,268,342). Schumer delivers for therm far more than any of the others, all of whom are what you could easily term "a notorious Wall street whore."

And this year, largely at Schumer's urging, Wall Street is delivering for his greasy little puppet, errand boy Patrick Murphy, voted Congress' least effective member-- $1,472,869 so far... more than any other non-incumbent running for the Senate. In the House, the Wall Street bribes to Murphy were eclipsed only by what the banksters have given to Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McCarthy.

Meanwhile, Murphy has announced he isn't going to the Democratic Convention. Since in his heart and soul he's still a Republican, why should he anyway. Just the way so many Republicans-- from McCain, Rubio, Toomey, Kasich, Ayotte, Blunt, Flake, etc didn't want the taint of association with Trump stinking them up-- avoided the Cleveland convention, Patrick, perhaps embarrassed he had been one of only 3 Democrats who voted with the GOP to authorize the Benghazi witch-hunt against Hillary Clinton, told the media he was staying away. Over the weekend, he was collecting bribes from wealthy friends of his daddy's (both his crooked father and crooked Schumer) on the family yacht, Miss Cocktails up off Newport, Rhode Island. "With the election less than 40 days away, it’s also important to be here in Florida, hearing from voters and talking about his plan to grow the economy and protect Social Security,” said his campaign flack. That was a lie, of course, like everything else about Patrick's campaign. He was at a Philly fundraiser, while slimeball fellow New Dems like Kyrsten Sinema and hopped up coke freak Pete Aguilar.

Yesterday a frustrated Grayson staffer sent out an e-mail about the darker side of Democratic Party politics, not the lovely speeches by Michelle Obama or Sarah Silverman but the backroom manipulations by vile figures like Schumer and, until recently, Wasserman Schultz.
Being a Democrat hasn’t been easy these last few days. Through the DNC email leak, we’ve found definitive proof that our party has been working to sabotage the campaigns of other Democrats, including our own Alan Grayson. We’ve seen how the sausage gets made in our party, and it ain’t pretty.

From here on out, it’s going to be hard to trust our leaders, and even harder to believe that there are still genuine progressives out there, when our party leaders work so hard to thwart and purge them. But I want to tell you a quick story about why you shouldn’t give up quite yet.

Once upon a time, I was a high school student, watching MSNBC, when I saw a clip of my Congressman on the House Floor. He was explaining that the GOP Healthcare Plan was “Don’t get sick, and if you do get sick, die quickly.” At the time, my own family was struggling to convince our insurance to cover treatment for a terminal illness, and so his words really hit home to me. I did some research, and the more I read about him, the more I liked him. He was bold, courageous, and progressive. And most importantly, at the time when my family needed his help the most, he stood up for us.

They say you aren’t supposed to meet your heroes, because they’ll just end up disappointing you. Well, I met my hero, Alan Grayson. I’ve worked with him for years now, and he’s never disappointed me. In fact, I believe in him now more than ever. I’ve seen him get upset and frustrated at policy that he fears will hurt people-- like the TPP, and proposed Social Security and Medicare cuts. I’ve gotten emails from him at 3 AM when Congress is in session, because he’s up that late working on getting amendments passed to try to make bad bills better.

And I’ll even admit this: it’s my job to make sure we have the funds we need to win this election, and in times of desperation, I’ve asked him to quiet down about an issue that might be controversial. He has refused. Every single time.

Alan Grayson is the real deal. And he is the reason why I will not give up on this election cycle, and why I’m asking you not to either. We can’t throw away our shot at getting a genuine progressive champion elected to the U.S. Senate.
A contribution for Grayson's Senate campaign, is a contribution to keep Schumer from ever becoming Senate Democratic leader as well.
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At 2:57 PM, Blogger Lila Garrett said...

Does this ruthless behavior on the part of establishment Democrats surprise us? It shouldn't. Chuck Schumer has always been a corrupt creep as has Harry Reid. What they dread most is a really Progressive candidate threatening their space. Schumer, Reid & co. will do anything to maintain the status quo. When political truths don't work they're delighted to destroy the candidate and his family with wild lies that can take them a lifetime to prove false. With Alan Grayson they've chosen the wrong person. His record in the Congress is too good, his children are too much behind him, his friends & staff who know him well will never tolerate this slander. Alan Grayson is exactly what we need in the Senate. His only agenda is what's good for we-the-people. he's an unrelenting progressive and he takes no prisoners. ALLAN GRAYSON FOR SENATE FROM FLORIDA, thank you for running!
Lila Garrett, Host of CONNECT THE DOTS on KPFK.org.

At 1:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patrick wrote this! I know he likes to talk about himself, for one, he is his own favorite subject. He also pays attention to so many people at once to control his urges to choke them to death individually. Should he have to spend any significant time with anyone, he would probably order lye on a monthly basis. All of his accomplices have their own new street sign names in the Tampa Bay area. All of his associates who chose to take the high ground have 'Dead End' signs on street signs with their nicknames. Third, after the shooting in Alexandria, his bipolar mania probably kicked in and he is exhibiting the loquacious tendency of a manic episode.


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