Monday, April 25, 2016

Val Demings Isn't Even In Congress Yet And She's Already Violating Campaign Finance Laws


The race for the redistricted FL-10 Orlando-area congressional district is good news for Democrats. The district is now so blue that incumbent Republican Daniel Webster has fled south and east to a rural, open red seat nearby. The GOP is virtually abandoning FL-10. The DCCC saw it as an opportunity to shove another of their worthless and corrupt no-account order-takers and went to war against the two legitimate candidates, state Senator Geraldine Thompson and former Florida Democratic Party chairman Bob Poe, two progressives whose independence and incorruptibility are anathema to the DCCC bosses.  So the Beltway bosses dug up one of their loser retreads, Val Demings.

People in Orange County know her-- and, despite a huge push from the Democratic Establishment in DC and some corrupt Florida hacks, she isn't being welcomed into the race. Jacob Engels of the East Orlando Post helped shed some light on why not. She had been appointed chief of police of Orange County and then ran for County mayor, but it all went downhill after that. The campaign finance rules she's been flouting are also laws she's been breaking-- and she's not even in Congress yet.

After she bailed on her mayor's race, leaving Orange County Democrats high and dry-- and fuming-- she reimbursed her slimy lobbyist and consultant allies selectively instead of returning the unspent campaign funds on a pro-rata basis across the board as is required by law.
$6,750.00 of those reimbursements went to individuals listed as consultants or lobbyists, with notable names including Southern Strategy's Kelly Cohen and special interest insider Brian May... whose firm Floridian Partners also received a large reimbursement.

A campaign finance and elections law expert told us that it looks like Demings could be "knee deep" in potential violations.

"It would appear that Val might of not followed the proper guidelines and statutes. It is curious that virtually all of her reimbursements went to lobbyists and consultants. Why were these people chosen over donors of smaller amounts?"

Worse then potentially violating campaign finance rules, a source close to the Demings 2014 mayoral bid tell us that the current congressional candidate was advised on the rules in "explicit nature."

Mrs. Demings proximity to political power brokers and special pleaders is not news by any means. She has been the beneficiary of a coordinated effort from congressional insiders and lobbyists checkbooks and endorsements.
Exactly what crooked insiders like Steve Israel and Ben Ray Lujan look for when they recruit candidates-- except they don't like it when they get caught. Nevertheless when you contribute to the DCCC or to Pelosi's PAC, the money goes to fight progressives on behalf of corrupt conservatives like Demings, not necessarily to fight Republicans as they claim when they come sniffing around for cash.

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