Sunday, April 24, 2016

Is Hillary Really The Lesser Of Two Evils? Absolutely


The video above is an example of how the Democratic Establishment is going to try to shove their corrupt, hawkish Wall Street puppet down the electorate's throat (if they can get around Bernie). Forget about how awful Hillary is-- forget there is no case for her other than the symbolic case that she's a woman-- and just focus on what an incompetent, ignorant doofus Trump us. And he is. He's worse than her. Worse than her in every way. There's isn't a single way he's better than her, as terrible as she is.

What does that say about our system? Republican Beltway hack A.B. Stoddard pointed out

that Clinton needs someone as truly contemptible as Trump (or Cruz) to win. Her "favorability with white voters is worse than President Obama’s ever was, and her favorability with African-American voters is at its lowest ever, according to Bill McInturff, the GOP pollster who conducted the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll with Democratic pollster Peter Hart. Thanks to Donald Trump, who is more toxic and remains the focus of most election coverage, Clinton’s email scandal and electoral vulnerabilities continue to be obscured. McInturff told the Washington Post: 'Her terrible numbers for months have been masked because we have the one candidate in modern history who has worse numbers ... her numbers have gone from terrible to historic to disqualifying.'"

Trump promises, ocassionally, that he can start behaving "more presidential" but almost immediately reverts to the persona that has gotten him to where he is now, the persona that the Hate Talk Radio masses feel will bring the cruel world they've been taught to hate to an end. Life's losers are determined to have their revenge on everyone esle.

According to multiple news organizations, reported Brent Budowsky over the weekend, "Paul Manafort, Donald Trump's (R) new campaign chief, told the Republican National Committee that his candidate's incendiary style and anti-establishment populist rhetoroic was little more than an act. Manafort, who has done well for himself in business involving the corporate interests and foreign governments that Trump has spent months attacking, said it is time for Trump to adopt a new persona and that 'the part that he has been playing is evolving.'"
I predict that well before Election Day, some of Trump's supporters will realize they have been bamboozled by his anti-establishment performance in recent months. If Manafort was truly representing Trump, what he is saying is that his candidate isn't really running against the establishment-- he wants to lead the establishment! To Trump supporters, be warned.

Remember the "new Nixon"? Get ready for the new Trump. Will he campaign as the fellow who praised Hillary Clinton (D) for 25 years, or the fellow who attacks her today? Will he campaign as the man who said Clinton was an excellent secretary of State, or the man who said she was the worst secretary of State in history? Will he campaign as the candidate who champions vets, or the candidate who made fun of American prisoners-of-war by saying he prefers "people who weren't captured," as he said when referring to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.)?

Will a new Trump revert to his decades of agreeing with Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) in support of single-payer healthcare, and revert to defending Clinton against unfair attacks, as he did during his decades of praising her!

Democrats are joyous about the overwhelming odds that Trump will receive the GOP nomination. According to the summary of polling from RealClearPolitics, Clinton, the likely nominee, would wallop Trump by margins approaching 10 percentage points. My guess is that she will wallop whichever version of Trump comes next!

Behind the scenes, many Republican congressional leaders, Republican governors, and major Republican donors have largely given up any hope of dislodging Trump as nominee and have privately written off any hope of stopping him, though they will deny it.

Most Democratic and Republican leaders in Congress believe the Democrats could well make huge gains in House and Senate elections with Trump as the Republican nominee.

The open letter from Republican national security leaders warning of the dangers of a Trump presidency has now grown to over 120 signers and names continue to be added. Many of these signers refuse to support Trump as the Republican nominee; some are so alarmed by the prospect of a Trump presidency that they will be voting for Clinton.

Will the new Trump continue to describe NATO as "obsolete," promise to order troops to commit acts of torture, and speak about the arguments in favor of Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Japan obtaining the nuclear bomb? Or will the new establishmentarian Trump concede that he was wrong and the widespread condemnation of these policies throughout the Republican and Democratic national security communities was right?

Will the new Trump agree with the late President Ronald Reagan that nations south of our border should be respected and that immigration law should be rational and humane, confess that Hispanic immigrants should not be slandered as murderers and rapists with language that would appall Reagan, and withdraw his fantasy of building a new version of the Berlin Wall on the U.S.-Mexico border? Or will the new Trump really be the old Trump, poorly disguised?

Reagan established what he called the "11th Commandment": "Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican." Will the new Trump respect Reagan's 11th Commandment, or continue insults such as "Little Marco" for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) or "lyin' Ted" for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas)?

Look for Trump to become the nominee of the GOP, which is now close to inevitable. And if a new Trump replaces the old Trump, and his script changes from attacking the establishment to revealing he wants to lead it, look for some of his most fervent supporters to take a second look and conclude they have been sold a bill of goods.

Look for a growing number of Republicans to make it publicly known that they favor Clinton over Trump. They fear the damage to their party and our country that they believe would be caused by the old Trump, and they will not be any more trusting of the new Trump-- if indeed there is one.

If Manafort's phrasing at the Republican National Committee truly represents the new Donald Trump that is coming, Hillary Clinton look like a pillar of authenticity by comparison. The new Trump will remind voters of the old Richard Nixon and a Democratic landslide will come to pass.

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At 10:47 AM, Blogger Dameocrat said...

He is less gung ho about war than Hillary, with the exception of Isis, whom she wants to arm in the interest of overthrowing Assad. I doubt he'll arm them. He is less enthusiastic about nuclear brinksmanship with Russia, which is the biggest threat to our security as Americans. He is also less evil on Free Trade, and less likely to attack net neutrality. I live in a swing state and won't feel a tinge of guilt over my vote for Jill Stein. Also as long as you allow centrists to win the general there is no room for progressives to ever win that seat, because of incumbency. If she loses we put up with Trumps buffoonishness for 1 term then we have an opening for Liz Warren or some other progressive.

At 3:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't you mean the evil of two lessers?


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