Monday, April 18, 2016

Test Of Survival Skills: Is Your Worldview Adaptable? Does It Need To Be?


-by emorej a Hong Kong

QUESTION: How many of the following did you predict?

1. USSR splintering-- to the shock of every stripe of Communist & anti-Communist.

2. China’s billon+ population discarding the substance of Communist ideology.

3. Wall St.’s house-of-cards freefalling -- & its post-rescue rebuilding with bigger cards.

4. Climate tipping twice as fast as consensus predictions.

5. Refugees from Syria’s small population triggering unmanageable political dominoes.

6. Jeb Bush’s billion dollars buying only serial humiliation by political Lilliputians.

7. Outpolling of Hillary by Bernie, massively among Democrats Abroad and Independents & now culminating steady gains into a (for now) small lead among all Democrats.

8. Democratic establishment ditching its Holy Grail of winning Independents, for its Holier Grail of mollifying big donors, lobbyists and post-politics employers.

BIGGER QUESTION: Did any of these predictive failures change your worldview to be more accepting of future change, tipping points and other non-linearity?

IF NOT, WHY NOT? Evolution selected for survival people who ran from floods.

WHAT NEXT? Soon there will be nowhere to run from mutually-reinforcing, 'perfectly unsurvivable storms' like the following:

 100 x Tom Joad’s Dust Bowl;

 1,000 x Hurricanes Katrina & Sandy;

 10,000 x cults of every stripe adopting ISIS’s most successful tactics;

 100,000 x today’s Syrian refugees, coming from climate-vulnerable homes of Billions.

WHEN DO WE TIP? "Yesterday" was Bernie Sanders' correct answer. Nobody knows if today is too late to save ourselves. Everybody should know that it will be to late after 8 more years of incrementalism.

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