Saturday, April 16, 2016

Grayson May Be Getting Contributions From A Personal Jesus While Murphy Gets His From Wall Street And His Rich Daddy


Yesterday Kristen Clark filed a report with the Miami Herald that explains why "ex"-Republican Patrick Murphy-- now a New Dem, basically the Republican wing of the Democratic Party-- is doing so well despite having so few contributors. Even above and beyond the $1,054,300 the Finance Sector has given his Senate campaign-- more than any other non-incumbent from either party-- on of Donald Trump's crooked partners is also funding Murphy's campaign. That Trump partner is Murphy's father, the CEO of Coastal Construction, the company that builds Trump's shoddy buildings in Florida. "In a span of four months," wrote Clark, "the father of U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-Jupiter, and his business interests poured a half-million dollars into a super PAC supporting his son's bid for U.S. Senate." Murphy's parents have been notorious for giving large contributions to corrupt incumbents as a way of paying for endorsements for their son, especially from grubby whores like Alcee Hastings and Chuck Schumer. His parents were also implicated in a campaign finance scam that involved funneling money into Patrick's campaign by donating to other crooked conservative candidates-- like Ami Bera, Andrew Hughes and Kevin Strouse-- as a quid pro quo for their parents giving to Patrick, in effect, flaunting campaign finance limits.
In mid-December, Thomas Murphy gave $200,000 of his own money to "Floridians for a Strong Middle Class," and then on March 31, Thomas Murphy's Miami-based construction company-- Coastal Construction Group-- shelled out $300,000 to the super PAC.

The $300,000 donation was revealed Friday when the super PAC's quarterly financial disclosure was made available online through the Federal Election Commission. It accounted for 74 percent of the super PAC's intake between January and March, the report showed.

In all, "Floridians for a Strong Middle Class" reported $405,000 in contributions for the first quarter, entering April with $841,300 in cash on hand.

Since the super PAC was established about a year ago, 29 people or companies have donated $965,000 to it. The two donations from Murphy's father and his company account for 52 percent of that total income.

The funds are separate from Murphy's individual campaign account, which on Monday reported raising about $2 million in the first quarter and having $5.6 million in cash on hand.

The Poarch Band of Creek Indians in Alabama has emerged as another top donor for "Floridians for a Strong Middle Class." The tribe gave another $50,000 in March, after first giving $50,000 last year.

Super PACs are not bound by the $2,700-per-race cap on individual contributions, as candidate's campaign committees are, nor can they coordinate directly with the candidate.

Patrick Murphy has been critical of the growing prominence and plethora of super PACs in the modern political era, despite benefiting from them both in this election and in his first U.S. House race.

Murphy's Senate campaign declined to comment today on his father's company's donation to the super PAC last quarter, and a representative of "Floridians for a Strong Middle Class" would not comment directly on it either.

...Thomas Murphy has a history of giving sizable donations to super PACs supporting his son. In Patrick Murphy's first U.S. House race in 2012, Thomas Murphy gave $250,000 to the pro-Murphy super PAC American Sunrise.

Murphy faces a contentious August primary against fellow U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Orlando, in a bid for Marco Rubio's U.S. Senate seat. Grayson does not appear to have a super PAC supporting him.
No one at Blue America is a partner with Donald Trump and no one at Blue America puts up crumbling buildings with Chinese drywall that gets people ill but we've stepped up to the plate for Grayson this weekend with a extremely rare-- only a dozen ere ever made-- hand-crafted Depeche Mode platinum award plaque for Violator from Warner Bros Music in Mexico. The contributor who gives the 100,000th contribution to Grayson's Senate campaign (at this Act Blue page), will get the Depeche Mode plaque as a thank you gift from Blue America.

Yesterday one of Grayson's campaign staffers mentioned that her parents didn’t allow her to listen to Depeche Mode when she was growing up. "I was raised in an extremely conservative, Southern Baptist household, and while most songs with the word 'Jesus' in the title were encouraged, Depeche Mode’s 'Personal Jesus' was strictly forbidden. As you probably can guess, I haven’t remained entirely true to my religious, right-wing upbringing. I don’t know what my family feared more: that I’d start listening to Depeche Mode, or that I’d support bold, progressive Democrats like Congressman Alan Grayson. And I’m really hoping they aren’t on Alan Grayson’s e-mail list, because I’m getting ready to encourage you to do just that-- support Alan Grayson for Senate."

And she pointed out that it wasn't just the Mexican Violator platinum award that was so special, but that so is Alan Grayson. "Only one of him was ever made. And with the GOP cutting funding for science, we still have no way to clone him.

So this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win your own rare platinum album, and get this rare Congressman with Guts elected to the U.S. Senate, all with just one modest contribution from you. And if you grew up like me, and you win the Depeche Mode platinum album, you can add this further bonus: pissing off your whole family." She then includes some lyrics from one of Grayson's favorite Depeche Mode songs, "Policy of Truth," which was released in 1990 on the VIOLATOR album along with "Personal Jesus." Here's where to make the contribution.
It's just time to pay the price,
For not listening to advice,
And deciding in your youth,
On the policy of truth. . . .
It's too late to change event,
It's time to face the consequence,
For delivering the proof,
In the policy of truth.

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