Sunday, April 17, 2016

Trump: "The Bosses Are Picking The People"


When are people going to just be so over the ignorant hogwash that comes spewing out of Trump that they just turn him off completely? "I'm no longer a Cubs fan, by the way, because I think they'll terrible," he told Fox & Friends Saturday morning as an aside to the fact that the team's owners, the Ricketts, oppose him. Pure silly childishness. BUT, Trump has managed to stumble onto and mine a real vein of anger and discontent that-- despite the racism, fascism and his bizarre ego-centric campaign-- really does need to be heard and grasped by voters. It's the corruption, stupid-- the rigged system. Hillary is as much a part of it as Cruz, Kasich and the Republican Party are. Fortunately, Bernie is presenting much the same case, although without the racism, fascism and bizarre ego-centric gibberish. And with the increasingly menacing tone of Trump's threats

"It's a rigged system. I see it; I'm a smart guy. Nodoby really understood the system until I brought it out." I can't imagine that Trump could this be that ignorant to think "nobody" ever saw that before him. Except I can imagine it. Certainly no one in his circles ever figured it out-- unless they were celebrating it-- and that includes this corrupt hack. It's more likely, though, that some of Trump's supporters-- though not these handsome fellas-- have been so turned off by the system for what the politically unaware Trump has finally figured out, and being the ultimate ego-ist, imagines no one ever understood it before he started shouting it. You know, just like no Republican ever heard of demagoguing xenophobia until he discovered it.

The excitement Trump and Bernie are generating has a lot to do with the legitimate anger ordinary Americans feel about the rigged system, both politically and economically. The Morning Joe crew pointed out that the same way the Republican political elites are fixing the election against Trump, the Democrats are rigging the system for Hillary. (Of course Mark Halperin defends the status quo in the video below:)

What's important to remember is that the rigged political system Trump is whining about, is just half of a rigged system that has rigged the economy for crooks like Trump himself. That's an important difference between Trump and Bernie. Trump might learn something if he watched the Bernie TV ad:

Bernie knows the Republicans, by and large, are worse than the Democrats-- with a few exceptions like Debbie Wasserman Schultz-- but he knows the Republican and the Democratic elites are into the rigging of the system together, or in conjunction. It isn't just the Republicans who are owned by Big Money. These are the dozen biggest crooks taking money from the lobbyists (since 1990):

These are the dozen biggest crooks taking money from the Finance Sector (since 1990):

These are the dozen biggest crooks taking money from the drug manufacturers (since 1990):

These are the dozen biggest crooks taking money from hedge funds (since 1990):

We could go on forever. Bernie basically says that the party elites are all owned by big money special interests. He's right and that's what "the system is rigged" means. Congress-- the congressional leaders of both parties-- do not care about the American people. They acre about the business of getting election, reelected and building power. That's why the lowest and most disreputable characters among the Members of Congress-- Mitch McConnell (R), Eric Cantor (R), Chuck Schumer (D), Steny Hoyer (D), Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D), Paul Ryan (R), John Boehner (R), Steve Israel (D), Joe Crowley (D), Chris Van Hollen (D), John Cornyn (R), climb the highest in the system and fiercely defend the status quo (Democrats) or the status quo ante (Republicans). You can understand why Bernie was never really tempted to join the sewer of corruption euphemistically called the Democratic Party. A political revolution is what's needed to change the system. A Debbie Wasserman Schultz or a Hillary Clinton isn't going to change it any more than a Paul Ryan or a Mitch McConnell.
I think from one end of this country to the other people are ripe for political revolution. Fifty percent of the people do not bother voting in the presidential and statewide elections. The vast majority of those not voting are low-income people who have given up on America. The whole quality of life in America is based on greed. I believe in the redistribution of wealth in this nation.

We are demonstrating in Burlington the peoples’ contempt for conventional old-fashioned Democratic and Republican politics. The good news here is that the two-party system and corporate establishment are not invincible.
That may have sounded like Bernie speaking to a massive crowd in Washington Square Park in Manhattan or at Cony Island in Brooklyn last week, but it was Bernie in Vermont... in 1985. Help elect this man of the people-- the only man of the people running-- to the presidency and don't let another lesser-of-two-evils candidate ascend to the presidency. Lesser of two evils, of course, is still evil. Bernie isn't. In fact, Bob Scheer talks about the evil of two lessers below (my apologies in advance for subjecting you to a pathetic excuse for a moron like Torie Osborn, one of the dumbest, self-righteous and cringe-worthy political hacks in L.A. politics):

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