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Steve Israel Coaching Some Hack Candidate Of His To Steal An Election In Syracuse


Yesterday we noted an article from In These Times about the non-presidential end of Bernie's political revolution-- the one being fought about on the congressional battleground. As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Steve Israel advised a Republican who the DCCC recruited to run as a fake Democrat in Pennsylvania, Mike Parrish, to drain progressive candidate Lindy Li's campaign account by embroiling her in endless courtroom challenges to her ballot signatures. Eventually Israel helped make sure the notary was no where to be found to testify that the signatures had been notarized. This is a DCCC trick they are using against progressives across the country. Now they're trying the same filty tactics against Eric Kingson in Syracuse, NY, where a hopeless conservative slimeball, Steven Williams, has challenged Kingson's petition signatures. Israel is fighting a deadly war against erstwhile allies Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, who have their own, third candidate in the race and wants to knock Kingson out so he can somehow grab the progressive vote, although no self-respecting progressive would ever vote for a low-life like Williams under any circumstances.

In connection with the In These Times feature, Frederick Lowe interviewed Kingson, starting with a straight-foward question about why he's running. Eric didn't hesitate to answer: "I am running because I am concerned about the direction the country is headed. I want Social Security expanded so it reaches more people. I am calling on Congress to expand, not cut, Social Security."

What are the three most important issues facing America today that should be addressed in the Democratic Party platform?

Economic security, retirement and the nation's investment in infrastructure. We have lost our democracy because of Citizens United and its role in helping the very rich. The Democratic Party platform must address the disrespect some have for our fellow human beings, particularly African Americans and Latinos and low-income whites, like the laws that make it more difficult for people to vote.

How have social movements like Black Lives Matter, Occupy and climate change activism influenced your campaign?

These movements change the way people think by bringing attention to the 1%. Black Lives Matter makes us think about the role of racism in society. Black teenagers’ parents warn them to keep their hands on the steering wheel in full view if they are stopped by police. A white parent would never have to give their sons and daughters that kind of warning. The Occupy movement has also [called attention to the fact that] trickle-down economics doesn't work. The movements are causing people to think and become more active in their communities.

Democrats have lost their majorities in both the House and Senate. What do you think the Democratic Party needs to do to gain them back?

We have to show that we stand for something. We have to begin by pushing forward with new ideas. That includes working with unions, providing more Social Security and returning to the traditional values that made the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party has to let voters know that the party's business is the people's business.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign has galvanized young progressive voters across the country and attracted a lot of independent support. What are the lessons here for the Democrats and for your campaign in particular?

Bernie Sanders has encouraged people to get involved in the election. The lesson is that many young people care and they must be activated. We desperately need them in the political process. The general message for the Democratic Party is that young people want politicians to stand for a strong set of values and mean what they say.

When the Democratic Party chooses its nominee in Philadelphia, the party will come together for the November election. What stands in the way of Sanders supporters and Hillary supporters working together under the Democratic Party big tent?

I don't think a lot stands in the way. The Democratic Party has to move toward action because Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are fundamentally dangerous people. These two candidates are totally unqualified to be president of the United States. These are not Everett Dirksen Republicans who worked both sides of the aisle to reach agreements. The new Republicans have opened the door to David Duke of the Ku Klux Klan. This would be a very different agenda for our country.

What does the legacy of the New Deal mean for Democrats in 2016, and how can the Democratic Party best defend the values of the New Deal and expand on the promise of social and economic democracy?

To this Democrat, it means a lot. The New Deal was about investing in our economy and our future. Unlike conservative Republicans, I am not out to destroy our institutions. People need jobs. One of the great things the New Deal did was to create jobs through agencies like the Civilian Conservation Corps, a government-funded public work relief program that helped the unemployed find jobs.

Sanders has struggled with winning over people of color and a generation of women who find inspiration in Hillary Clinton's struggles and accomplishments. Clinton has struggled with youth voters and with the party's left base. What sort of bold progressive platform can unite these constituencies in November, and in years to come?

We have to deconstruct the monster we have created with Wall Street. We need to provide free college tuition, and we need to make it more difficult for companies to move off shore. We also need to block trade agreements like the Trans Pacific Partnership that create income inequality. I think what will ultimately bring us together will be the fear of what the Republicans are putting up. The Republicans have put up a very scary set of candidates. The country has too much to lose with either Trump or Cruz in the White House. There’s too much at stake.
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At 7:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Israel is fighting a deadly war against erstwhile allies Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand." Things just get worse at the Treehouse every day. It's going to take me a while to get over what they did to Sestak, and what they continue to do to Bernie - with lots of outside help of course. The Party apparat needs to be completely replaced.


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