Thursday, April 28, 2016

Morning Joe: "That campaign's not over. That campaign continues."


by Gaius Publius

Short and sweet. Play the video above (be sure to unmute the sound and ignore the framing in the crawl), then listen to the great point made by Joe Scarborough after the Sanders portion. Scarborough contrasts the end of most campaigns with this phase of the Sanders campaign. Most campaigns die a quiet death in a little room surrounded by friends.

Not this one. Scarborough recognizes the signs. This campaign continues:
"Do you remember the final scene from Marco Rubio's campaign, sort of a sad moment where they had to fill half of an atrium and it was mainly friends — that's how most campaigns end, sort of with a whimper.

(Pointing) "That campaign's not over. That campaign continues. And Hillary Clinton's people need to understand, those people last night knew things weren't going great, and [yet] they were out there screaming and yelling and fighting.

"And they're going to keep screaming and yelling, and they're going to keep fighting, and they're going to take it to the Democratic convention..."
And it won't be because of Sanders that the fight still continues. It will be yours, because you understand that the hour of resistance is now.

My favorite song about resistance:

  Damien Saëz performs "Fils de France" in concert at the Zénith in Paris, 12 November 2002.

A taste of the translated lyrics:
We are, we are ... the land of the Rights of Man
We are, we are ... the land of Tolerance
We are, we are ... the land of the Enlightenment
We are, we are ... at the hour of the Résistance
French lyrics in this version, but really, just enjoy the power and the sweetness of the song.

À la résistance,


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At 1:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's get this made in English. Maybe alter the title to Daughters and Sons of The Resistance. Change 'The land of...' into 'A land of...'.

At 8:46 PM, Blogger Alan Gregory Wonderwheel said...

Hillary Clinton did not stop her campaign until 4 days after the very last primary, and then only after she had made the deal with Obama to be named to the cabinet as Secretary of State. Bernie can't be bought with an appointment because he is not in this for himself, so Hillary is left with having to continue to insult Bernie and lie about him because she wants to be the Democratic Party dictator.

At 11:32 AM, Blogger Gaius Publius said...

Thanks. As to this:

"Hillary Clinton did not stop her campaign until 4 days after the very last primary, and then only after she had made the deal with Obama to be named to the cabinet as Secretary of State."

I'd love to see links for that. Thanks.


At 2:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember Scarborough is a right-winger posing as an occasional centrist. Reverse psychology maybe?

Still, Indy was a pleasant surprise, though still too little too late... and not by nearly enough.

But it **IS** Indiana...

I'd love to see Bernie go to the wall with this. Certainly Cali will be his by a mile except where Pelosi's corruption is condoned.

The prebought delegates won't change, so Bernie needs to pitch a shutout from here on.. if even that would do it. And the BoB movement needs to gell from the bottom up into a rabid religious movement. And if the DNC's predetermined convention ends up as scripted (don't give a crap how many ballots they perform), then Bernie should walk, disavow the lot of them and make advances toward Stein and the Greens... or just go it alone if he has the funds.

With cruz-on-a-cross and the fascist vapor Kasich gone, you'd have to do some convincing that drumpf's actual governing would be worse than $hillbillary's. I effing know what $hillbillary will do and it is going to be worse than anyone before her. period.


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