Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Northeast Iowa And Suffolk County, Long Island Have Something In Common-- DCCC Malfeasance


Throne-Holst & Vernon, not actual Democrats, "DCCC Democrats"

For progressives and Democrats on the eastern end of Long Island there will be no good solution to awful conservative representation in 2016. The one purely Suffolk County district left, NY-01, has been gradually turning blue since I lived there in the 1960s. Obama beat McCain in 2008 and beat Romney in 2012. But last year conservative Lee Zeldin defeated moderate Democrat Tim Bishop 89,564 (54.8%) to 73,860 (45.2%). Zeldin is a prime DCCC target this year and they recruited a wretched New Dem, venture capitalist David Calone as their candidate. The New Dems have already endorsed him as a group (and given him $5,000) and individual New Dems, particularly one of Congress' most corrupt members, Gregory Meeks, are all over this race. But, as if just being a New Dem isn't toxic enough, Steve Israel jumped in-- with a $10,000 donation-- for a candidate who isn't even a Democrat!

Swedish-born Anna Throne-Holst has always run for local office as a registered member of the Independence Party. A few months ago she filed the paperwork to switch her registration so she can make believe she's a Democrat before the election. She's certainly Israel's type... in more ways than one. He dragged his right-of-center, Wall Street-owned sock puppet from Nassau County into the race, New Dem Kathleen Rice, who also shelled out for Throne-Holst. At least Calone is an actual Democrat, even if the odious plutocracy-oriented kind from the Republican-wing of the Democratic Party-- like like Throne-Holst, Israel, Meeks, Rice... At least, between Rice's NY-04, Israel's NY-03 and Zeldin's NY-01, there is actually a worthwhile race, where progressive Democrat and Suffolk County legislative leader DuWayne Gregory is challenging Republican sociopath (and Israel-ally) Peter King. Lots of money thrown towards conservatives Calone and Throne-Holst, but in the bluer and easier to win NY-02... nothing from Israel, nothing from Rice, nothing from the DCCC. Jesus, these people are so contemptible. You can lend DuWayne Gregory, a lifelong progressive Democrat, a helping hand here.

And speaking of the DCCC penchant for recruiting conservatives and non-Democrats to run for Congress, EMILY's List-- the conservative women's group that has teamed up with Israel for Throne-Holst on Long Island-- is also working to make sure "ex"-Republican Monica Vernon is the Democratic candidate in deep blue (D+5) IA-01, instead of iconic progressive Pat Murphy.

Last week I got wind of another vomit-inducing DCCC story that I've been hoping to report on-- but can't find anyone to go on record about. As you probably know, the DCCC always discourages its staffers from working for progressive candidates. Last week a DCCC staffer, child of a prominent Democratic elected official no less, threaten a campaign manager-- you'll-never-work-in-this-town-again-- for taking a job with for Iowa House Speaker Pat Murphy, a man with a long, effective, powerful progressive history that no doubt frightens plenty of DCCC power-mongers. When he was House Speaker in Iowa Pat raised teacher pay, created universal preschool for all 4 year-olds, raised the minimum wage, protected women's rights, expanded stem cell research, passed an LGBT civil rights bill, protected the marriage equality ruling when Iowa was just the third state in the union to allow same sex marriages... That's because this DCCC staffer is pushing for Monica Vernon, who was a Republican just 6 years ago. She wasn't even supporting our current President when he first ran for President in 2008. Worse yet she has a history of contributing to conservative Republicans in Iowa. Does the DCCC want a proven progressive, or do they want another miserable Republican-lite in Congress? And at what point does Nancy Pelosi step in and whip this failed catastrophe of an organization into shape? You know that page above that I suggested going to to help DuWayne? Works just as well for Pat.

Rod Blum is probably the only crackpot extremist from the Freedom Caucus that the Democrats have a chance to replace in 2016. We shouldn't let the DCCC and Monica Vernon screw that up by forcing a candidate on Iowa Democrats who they already know is a Republican and just won't come out and vote for. The DCCC should stop recruiting Republicans and conservatives. 

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At 12:47 AM, Anonymous ap215 said...

I'll be glad to spread the word on Gregory Peter King has been in congress for too long he has to go.

At 1:22 PM, Blogger Pats said...

I live in Iowa. Rod Blum sent a flashy oversized postcard mailing out with a "survey" asking what issues were important to us. It focused on his "work" for veterans. But the "survey" didn't ask if we thought veterans issues were important. Funding the VA, anyone?

I am so sick of politicians using veterans as props.


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