Monday, October 26, 2015

Trump Is The Perfect Candidate For What The Republicans Have Turned Their Base Into-- Serves Them Right


So polling still isn't indicating the anti-Trump rout the Republican Establishment is working towards, at least not yet. The latest polling, from CBS has Trump and Carson tied in Iowa and way ahead of the senators and governors the Establishment would like to run. Texas neo-fascist Ted Cruz is as 12%, Rubio is at 9% and Jeb is struggling along at 6%. Everyone else is eating dust-- from Lindsey Graham's consistent 0% and Chris Christie's 1%, all the way up the field to Kasich's 2% and Rand Paul's 3%. But in New Hampshire and South Carolina, Trump is still leagues ahead of the rest of them-- 38% to Carson's 12%, Jeb's 8% and Rubio's 7%. Christie, who's entire strategy is based on winning New Hampshire, where his superPAC is spending all their money, is at a pitiful 2%. And South Carolina is like Heaven for Trump. He's at 40% to Carson's 23%, Cruz's 8%, Rubio's 7% and poor Jeb's sad 6%. Hometown hero Lindsey Graham is all the way up-- for him-- to 2%. Christie and Rand Paul are tied with Rick Santorum at 1%. In terms of satisfaction with the candidates, Iowa Republicans say they're happiest with Carson (61%) and least satisfied with Christie (61%), Rand Paul (58%), Jeb (57%), Trump (56%) and Kasich (53%). Tough crowd! But it makes one wonder when these clowns-- or the fools that keep funding them-- will decide it's all over and time to get back to work. Remember, Christie (who bothers everyone around him loudly slurping strawberry smoothies all day and all night), Kasich, Rand Paul, Lindsey, and Jindal all have real jobs they're being paid to do-- by the taxpayers-- and they're not performing. None of them offered to take unpaid leaves.

Yes, Trump is still very much the man to beat-- and the GOP Establishment is at wits end trying to figure out how to do it. Yesterday, one of their preferred sad-sack candidates, the overly ambitious and clownish Marco Rubio, who is the only candidate with an even more superficial understanding of the issues than Trump, was on CNN's State of the Union claiming, ironically, that Trump keeps talking about things he doesn't understand. "I don't believe that up to this point in the campaign he's clearly outlined a deep understanding of the issues before this country in a serious way... To this point in the campaign he's not proven an understanding of these issues or the preparation necessary to be the commander in chief of the most powerful military force in the world." He also said he's agreeing to support the eventual GOP nominee at least in part because he is positive it won't be Trump. I wonder who's telling him it won't be.

The Know-Nothing far right fringe, on the other hand, is rallying more and more solidly around Trump, at least for now. They surely do not want another Establishment hack like Rubio, Jeb, Kasich, Graham or Christie. A few days ago Bretibart, where so many Hate Talk Radio hosts go for their opinions, ran an enormously popular piece, 20 Reasons Why It Should Be Donald Trump In 2016. Insisting it's now "acceptable" to admit you're a Trump supporter in "polite society," their point is that "America’s bullies-- the sneering, 'we know better than you' establishment classes-- have made many cower in silence rather than proclaim that Trump is a tremendous presidential candidate and has earned their support. It is a replay of the worst aspects of high school peer-pressure, about what’s OK and what isn’t, based on selfish interests and prejudices." Although what follows is unbelievably stupid and naive, it is the legitimate voice of the Republican Party base and these really are what they've persuaded themselves the reasons why they think Trump should be the GOP nominee (almost none of which is based on objective reality):
He is not your ordinary politician. Yes, Trump is different. Guess what? That’s a good thing. His ideas-- e.g., a sound immigration policy, returning manufacturing jobs to America, negotiating better trade deals-- are not at all radical, but do go against the Washington status-quo. You see, we’re supposed to select another perfectly malleable politician-- a Republican not unlike a Democrat-- who won’t shake things up too much while in office. Same ol’, same ol’... It’s make or break time-- and drastic times call for, well, not drastic measures but certainly something different. America is headed towards demise. If the old adage is that ‘insanity is trying the same thing time and time again and expecting a different result,’ why would we nominate the usual type of politician?

Trump is not reliant on donors. This cannot be overstated enough. Not relying on donors-- especially not following the Rubio-model of huge support from just a handful of individuals is crucial. No one will own Trump. Yet the Trump-attacking conservative pundits continue to scoff that he doesn’t have the cash to see this campaign through. This is an astonishing, frightening smear. Why? Because it means we no longer even bother with the pretense that money doesn’t buy an office.

Yes, he doesn’t have much of a filter. Bravo. We keep hearing from the Trump-naysayers that’s Trump’s mouth is a problem. But where you see a loudmouth, I see candor. Where you see a lack of filter, I see transparency. Where you see a man who gaffes, I see a man who is willing to wipe the cancer of political correctness out of our society. Where you see a loose cannon, I see a man who says what he means and means what he says. Or, would we rather the typical Hollywood celebrity or establishment politician (the two are remarkably similar) who runs a statement by 20 handlers, 10 advisers, and a social-media team before making it? Do we wish to be led by an individual who does not speak from the heart but rather prefers to be advised on what to say and when to say it? Do we wish to be led by a politician who waits to see how the polls emerge on a subject before issuing an opinion? Do you seek a president…. or a ventriloquist puppet who’s views who you do not truly know?

He speaks for us little people. Hate to break it to ya’-- but we don’t have much of a voice. We have politicians who will throw us meaningless bones, corny platitudes about the “American dream”, and make big promises they will never keep. At the end of the day, all do their donors’ bidding, and the bidding of Big Business rather than ours. Try speaking up and you will be flattened. It takes someone powerful, who is beholden to no-one more powerful, to lift up our concerns. Thank heavens we have someone who understands those concerns and is willing to be that voice... Trump actually discusses the concerns of the middle-class, blue-collar worker... The other GOP contenders will pay lip-service to middle-class concerns but, in reality, it’s all “wink-wink” behind closed doors in trade deals that ensure your job is lost, and immigration policies that ensure your wages remain stagnant and you’ll face stiff competition for housing or even a fast-food gig.

Make no mistake, there is an establishment plot against him. The establishment really, really doesn’t want him-- but we really, really do... Attempt after attempt on ‘Teflon Trump’ slides right off him and instead backfires and blows up in their collective faces. It reminds me of a scene in Gladiator (indulge me for a minute-- there is a side of me that is a 19-year-old bro), where Commodus (after attempting to orchestrate Maximus’s death by forcing Maximus to fight the greatest living gladiator, only to have Maximus turn the tables by not only besting the opponent but showing him mercy), in a fit of frustration, exasperatedly wails: “And now they love Maximus for his mercy! So I can’t kill him or it makes him even more merciful. The whole thing is like a great nightmare!” That is not unlike what is happening right now in the smoke-filled rooms of the establishment.

His business accomplishments. Shocker! Imagine having a president who has actually built and created things! Imagine having a president with a proven track record as an enormously successful businessman. But, silly me-- why have that when we can have, for instance, a first-term senator, career-politician who’s never even passed any significant legislation or a governor whom, despite some laudable accomplishments, most of the nation, including Republicans, can’t stomach?

A stellar first family. We often forget that we are not only choosing a president but choosing a First Family. While the other candidates all have perfectly nice families, none has the potential for impact as the Trumps. (Before you say ‘the Bush family’-- stop. That family is more overexposed than Taylor Swift-- go away for a while and maybe we can miss you.) Melania as First Lady? Absolutely. A poised, elegant, intelligent woman, already accustomed to the spotlight, who is an immigrant herself with a keen interest in women’s health issues. His children? Where to begin? Ivanka, for instance, would be a tremendous role model across the world-- a working mother who is a thriving entrepreneur. And, in 2015, is it not time to consider having a ‘blended,’ modern family as the First Family?

A man of sound morals. For those who judge a man’s character based on whether he called someone a “loser” during a silly Twitter feud, well, there is no helping your stupidity so stop reading this. The rest of us, however, know to look at a man’s actions and his record in life. What is Trump’s? For one, he’s known for treating his workers well. Second, is there no ugly scandal or brush with the law-- he seems to lead a fairly straight-arrow life. Then there’s his family life. Two divorces? Sure. Marriages sometimes don’t work out. Ask Newt Gingrich or even Ronald Reagan himself. He’s on friendly terms with both ex-wives, though. What does that tell you? And his children routinely express what a loving, supportive father he’s been. Point me to another businessman of Trump’s money with four adult children, all of whom have stayed away from scandal and disgrace despite growing up in the spotlight. We’d be hard pressed to find one – meaning, Trump clearly did something right. Heck, forget the Art of the Deal-- Trump should write the Art of Parenting.

The celebrity factor is actually a huge plus. If you’re reading this article, you’re someone who follows politics and stays informed. Hey, congrats-- proud of ya. But guess what? The majority of the American public does not. They’ll vote-- if they can even be bothered to do so on election-day-- for a candidate based on gut instinct or name recognition (how else do you think the Kennedy’s get elected?!). And, newsflash: Save for some parts of Texas, it isn’t OK to say you’re a Republican these days, thanks to years of liberal academia and Hollywood beating our image like a rented mule. But Trump can bridge that gap. It’s conservatism … but represented by a well-liked celebrity. How much clearer can this be? Trump is a God-send. Finally, we conservatives caught a break!

His policies are spot-on, particularly immigration. For brevity, this article is not meant to discuss the nuances of Trump’s proposed policies and positions. But he’s right on pretty much every position he espouses, first and foremost that of immigration, the most critical issue facing America. How about taxes? Trump is the only one willing to take on the hedge-fund managers and blast their ridiculously unfair tax rate. It’s the ideal position-- someone with a conservative tax plan but who realizes attacking the hedge-funders’ sweet deal doesn’t make one a “liberal”-- and simply shows an individual with an astute understanding of finance and a genuine sense of fairness. How about a dedication to veterans? Check! A strong but sensible foreign policy? Check! (Trump admits Iraq wasn’t a great idea and thinks we are best off sitting back and letting the Syria mess play itself out, without sending our boys into harm’s way. Amen!) What does he not get right?

Many Latinos love him. Speaking of Jorge Ramos…. The media keeps insisting Latinos despise Trump. Except, we don’t. In fact, many of us love him. Myriam Wichter, the Columbian immigrant from the recent Las Vegas Trump rally, is not an anomaly. Hang-onto-your-horses for this whopper of a ‘revelation’: America’s Latinos have the same wants, needs, and concerns as other Americans! Our priorities are the same as “Anglos”: jobs, healthcare, and so on! A truly novel concept!

African-Americans love him, too. Trump is the first Republican who actually has a chance at obtaining a huge chunk of the African-American vote. The main reason is simple-- African-Americans are angry, and rightly so, about immigration and what it’s doing to this nation and to their job prospects.
Enough of these beyond-belief stupidity? I promise I'll never do that again. Let's make sure Bernie Sanders is president, the only candidate who is an actual agent of substantive change.

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