Sunday, September 06, 2015

If The GOP Is A Disheveled Damsel In Distress, Who Will Rescue Her From The Marauding Trumpists? Reid Ribble?


Earlier today we looked at how the repulsive and corrupt Democratic Establishment is getting nervous enough about the traction Bernie Sanders' campaign is gaining to start launching attacks on him. You've probably read how the even more repulsive and more corrupt GOP Establishment is tearing its hair out of its head trying to figure out how to destroy Trumpy.

Trump, of course, isn't just a threat to Jeb and Scott Walker, Christie and Rubio. He's also a threat to the tattered Republican Party brand and to the down-ticket federal candidates and incumbents. If Trump is at the top of the ticket, the Democrats will win back control of the Senate and make inroads into the GOP House majority, even with the utterly lame DCCC sabotaging Democratic efforts across the country. So more and more Republican members of Congress are starting to speak up and denounce Trump, sometimes in very specific ways.

Last week Miami Republicano Congressman Carlos Curbelo, who is likely to lose his seat to Democrat Annette Taddeo in any case, lashed into the racist Trump for his anti-Hispanic demagoguery. And Thursday it was a mild-mannered Wisconsin conservative, Reid Ribble, telling his constituents that Trump acts like a three-year-old spoiled brat.
The Green Bay-area Republican said the New York real estate mogul has gotten “under my skin” and is doing “serious damage to the GOP brand.” Now, Ribble is steaming mad, and unabashedly critical of what he calls the Trump “carnival.”

“You can’t be calling women bimbos, we can’t just be kicking sand in the sandbox and saying, ‘You’re dumb’ and ‘You’re a loser,’” Ribble said Thursday in an interview. “We actually need a grownup, not a 3-year-old in the White House.”

...Ribble also assailed Trump in local radio interviews. “I reject wholeheartedly the Trump campaign for president,” he told “I think it works at our most base interests, it’s prurient.”

...Ribble said he is unafraid of any backlash from Trump, who has yet to respond to him, or from voters in his district. He said he doesn’t care because the stakes are so high.

“These are very serious times, and they require serious people at the helm,” he said. “And they require people who haven’t declared bankruptcy four times but want you to believe they’re great businesspeople. We’re looking for the CEO of the largest economy in the world.”

...“It’s not politics what he’s doing, it’s a carnival,” Ribble said. “It would be one thing if he was a serious policy person, but he’s not.”

He called Trump’s immigration plan “10 or 15 pages of blather” and blamed the media for not vetting his candidacy seriously, treating it instead like a reality television show.

“They’re all standing there like in shock and all, wondering what this person is going to say next, and they love all this kind of stuff, and so they keep putting him on TV, putting him on TV,” Ribble said.

“He has played the media like a fine-tuned instrument, and I’m not even sure the the media is aware they’re being played by this guy-- maybe they are and they probably don’t care because they’re selling advertising.”
Obama won Ribble's R+2 district (Green Bay and the Fox River Valley south to Appleton and the Northwoods dairy counties) against McCain 54-45%. Two years later DCCC incompetence lost Democrat Steve Kagen's seat to Ribble; they lost again in 2012, and didn't even try in 2014. With the stale, failed cabal of incompetent conservative hacks at the DCCC running the show, Ribble knows he has nothing to fear from the Democrats, who don't even have a candidate running against him, despite how well both Hillary Clinton and Russ Feingold are expected to do in northeast Wisconsin. But if Trump decided to punch downwards and recruit a teabagger to run against him, Ribble could be in serious trouble. Ribble, by the way, is one of two Wisconsin congressmen to have endorsed Scott Walker, whose lame candidacy Trump has basically shredded, if not ended.

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