Friday, September 04, 2015

If you know any "special kids" in NYC, the Transit Museum has a special morning for them next Sunday


For registration information, click here.

by Ken

As regular readers know, the New York Transit Museum is one of my favorite institutions in the city, but I tend to write mostly about NYTM programs that are of direct interest to me, at the expense of others that don't affect me. Notably, the museum makes a major effort to be family-friendly, and it's always great to know that so many parents take advantage of this opportunity to bring the little ones to be entertained and informed.

Next Sunday morning's event, though, is even more special -- a "Special Day for Special Kids," which I think is pretty darned, you know, special. So I'd like to do anything I can to spread the word to families that might be able to take advantage of what looks to be a really special morning. Which means I'm hoping you'll spread the word to anyone you know.

I'd love to see as many kids as possible have a really special time.



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