Thursday, May 29, 2014

Stop the presses! Via Twitter, a shocking revelation about Dana Milbank's shopping activities


Let's all tweet like the birdies tweet . . . .

by Ken

It's known in certain (very small) circles that I am not the world's most energetic enthusiast of Twitter, or of tweetin generally. I suppose it could be argued that all those people pointlessly twittering their lives away are making a larger contribution to society than if they attempted to get a life, but this distinction between worthlessnesses doesn't seem to me worth discussing.

Case in point: this tweet (I assume) from Dana Milbank in response to this other tweet.

I suppose, again, it could be argued that my citing a tweet shows the genuine usefulness of the medium. I'll let you all work out for yourselves what might be missing from that argument. For the record, I encountered Dana M's tweet via Twitter, though not from Dana but via e-mail from Twitter, which occasionally sends me these cryptic e-mail anthologies of tweets, presumably based on some preference I once expressed, before I realized that I would sooner be free of the whole lot of them. I suppose this too might be taken as proof of the bedrock value of Twitter. Again, however, think about it for maybe a second or two.

On the chance -- slim, I hope, though I'm not so sure -- that anyone has missed the point. Anyone who thinks there's any reason why time and/or attention should be wasted on the "news" that Dana Milbank has been "spotted" shopping at Whole Foods should be promptly institutionalized and prepped for ECT -- alongside the original tweeter.

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