Thursday, May 29, 2014

Villar Greuel Strikes Again-- Worse Than A Republican


I've never seen such a negative Democratic candidate for Congress like Wendy Greuel. Maybe she just hires especially awful, cutthroat people to work for her like this operative, and this operative and this operative. One of the most trusted and respected bloggers in CA-33, Venice For Change warned voters about Greuel's strange and very ugly penchant for relentless negativity last year:
After Months Of Going Negative, Wendy Greuel Calls For A Mortatorium On Negative Ads Her Campaign Can No Longer Pay For.

After pummeling campaign rivals for months with negative mailers and TV ads, Wendy Greuel called on opponent Eric Garcetti to agree to a moratorium on negative campaign ads in a debate aired live tonight on KABC-TV.

Amid audible groans from the studio audience, Greuel played the victim saying. "OK, my campaign consultants are probably not going to like this, but I say no more negative ads," Greuel told an incredulous Garcetti.

Greuel's calls for a moratorium come as finance reports reveal Greuel's campaign went broke this week funding millions of dollars worth of TV attack ads and mailers against Garcetti.

Greuel was essentially calling for a moratorium on ads her campaign no longer had the cash to pay for.

Garcetti's campaign on the other hand, had over $2 million in cash on hand, having husbanded their resources for the final push to election day. SuperPACs supporting Greuel have already spent over $6 million on Greuel's behalf, and that has no signs of letting up before election day.

Over the last eight weeks, Greuel's campaign has relentlessly attacked Garcetti - dressing him up in effeminate costumes and accusing him of everything from poisoning children for fun and profit, to being an Obama-hating racist, to influence peddling.

Think I'm exaggerating? Click on just a few of the links below and find out for yourself.

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Greuel was a Republican. She hates being reminded of that publicly, especially if someone points out she was a Republican when Reagan was elected and almost certainly voted for him. Her version is that she was born into a Republican family and escaped the clutches of the GOP when she was still in knickers. Not exactly the case-- unless she wore knickers into her 30s. Worse, though, is that she picked up some very ugly habits about politics while she was in the Republican Party-- and not just her conservative, Establishment policy agenda. Her negative outrage against progressives seems to stem from her formative years as a Republican. She's like a Karl Rove character, but less self-aware.

Last week she went on the attack against one of the most gentle and positive candidates I've ever met, Project Angel Food founder, Marianne Williamson, slamming her as more dangerous to women's Choice than the states of Mississippi and Texas. Not even scandal sheets that bothered covering Greuel's outlandish lies used her deranged, out-of-control and desperate screeching about Mississippi and Texas.

And then, this week, she turned her guns against one of the most dedicated legislators in the state, Ted Lieu. Being a carpetbagger from over in the Valley, Greuel is unaware of the service Ted has given people in CA-33, first as an Assemblyman and then as a Senator. Or maybe she doesn't care. She just chose to send out a vicious, last minute mailing to smear him so outrageously that even her old friends in the GOP would blush.

Her attack mailer falsely criticizes Lieu for somehow “caving” to now indicted Senator Ron Calderon because Calderon “put enough pressure” on Lieu that his workers compensation bill became “inactive.” Greuel obviously has no understanding of the legislative process and apparently didn’t bother to read the law. Lieu’s workers compensation reform bill became “inactive” because it was merged, word-for-word, into a larger workers compensation package that Senator Lieu helped craft and pass out of the Senate Labor Committee that Senator Lieu chaired. In other words, Lieu did the exact opposite of “caving.” His bill to reform workers compensation fraud was inserted verbatim into a larger reform package and became the law of the land in California. Greuel has now demonstrated that she is either too lazy to understand the legislative process, or she is , as most people think, simply a craven politician who is deliberately trying to mislead the voters again.

Up top is the Blue America Independent Expenditure committee's ad on behalf of Marianne. (In order of appearance) Marcia Cross, Frances Fisher, Sharon Kyle, Jamie Adler, Francesca Eastwood, Shohreh Aghdashloo and Nancy Moonves put this together for us with their friends-- everything donated with love. I was eager to fight fire with fire and go after Greuel as negatively as she went after Jan Perry, Eric Garcetti, Marianne Williamson, Ted Lieu and every other progressive who has ever stood in the way of her grotesque, ruthless climb to power. But I was persuaded that Marianne would be broken hearted if we did anything connected in any way to her that had any negativity attached to it. So… no negative ad for Greuel, at least not now. If you'd like to help us get this into better rotation, you can chip in here. Every little bit will help to keep Greuel and her allies out of Congress. By the way, this is not a contribution to a candidate. You can spend as much as you'd like-- no limits.

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