Friday, May 30, 2014

Despite right-wingers' decades-long war on U.S. vets, they expect Americans to gobble up their lies -- and they're probably right


by Ken

So Shinseki is gone as VA Sec, no doubt inevitably, and possibly deservedly, though we'll probably never know, since the psychotic lying scumbags who have been leading the assault on him not only are incapable of speaking a word of truth but have now effectively substituted their psychotic lying scumbag agenda for any possible consideration of discovery of truth and fixing it.

Howie wrote the other day about one of the most astonishing of the psychotic lying scumbags, a superscumbag among superscumbags, NC Sen. Richard Burr, a vile pile of puke who deserves someday to have to justify the time he has spent on earth turning it into the hell that he lives in inside his diseased brain.

The fact is that if you took a machete and disassembled Burr and every one of these other psychotic lying scumbags, you wouldn't find a single cell of honesty or decency. Even so, their historic and amply documented hatred of America's heroes is kind of hard to understand, even remembering that we're dealing with psychotic lying scumbags.

For sheer gall, you have to stand back and admire the right-wing screech assault on the VA. I had a fleeting thought to suggest that all the unaccountably uncaged right-wing beasts who are now having fake-orgasmic follies over the VA scandals be asked to pause in their lying orgy or right-wing scumbaggery to chronicle their history of support for veterans' affairs. Then I realized thatit would serve no purpose, since gethering that chronicle would take literally no time at all, since the lying scumbags of the Right have a combined history of absolutely no support of any kind at any time for veterans' affairs.

It's as if right-wingers hate veterans worse than the enemies those veterans had been sent into combat to protect us from.

For a country that has allowed warmongering to be stitched into the center of its psyche, one of the strangest phenomena is the depth of contempt and loathing our warmongering party has shown toward the Americans who are sent off to fight those wars.

Right-wingers love war. They worship war. You get the feeling it's what they do instead of sex, at least when there are no abusable friends or family, or hookers, or dishy callboys readily available and they would otherwise have to satisfy themselves with their vast reserves of porn. (What would right-wingers do without their vast reserves of porn?)


There's never any limit to how much money the right-wing psychotic lying scumbags are prepared to spend on war -- on budget, off budget, around budget. And the mantra is always "Support Our Troops." You can be tarred and feathered for Not Supporting Our Troops. We sure heard plenty of that during the Bush regime's orgy or warmaking.

But of course the right-wing psychotic lying scumbags never give a damn about Supporting Our Troops, only about Supporting Our Wars. Do we really not remember how ineptly armed, or even unarmed, Our Troops were sent into Iraq? Even though a war in Iraq was clearly at or near the top of the agenda of everyone in the Bush regime who had input into the making of foreign policy.

And when those Not Supported Troops, having lacked the good grace to die, are turned from troops into veterans, then they become the warmongers' enemy.

Parlly, of course, it's about money, and the role of government, which is basically to provide right-wing scumbags with the opportunity to steal as much of it as they can lay their grubby paws on -- and of course to provide the money itself for them to hijack.

And when right-wing psychotic lying scumbags get on their Gov't Is the Enemy mechanical horse, intoning that Gov't Spending Is Wasteful Spending, then of course it's the rest of us who have to live with the consequences. Whenever Congress was called on to provide adequate financial support for veterans' care, it was the right-wing psychotic lying scumbags who led the shrieking chorus of "Chuck you, Farley."

And when right-wing psychotic lying scumbags inflected mandatory automatic spending cuts, and a government shutdown, pretending in the depths of their devoid-of-realtiy delusions that these idiotic, dangerous actions in fact had no consequences, how were they allowed to sustain those vicious delusions?

Yesterday on the radio I heard one of the psychotic lying scumbags intoning -- in that mandatory tone of high dudgeon and high outrage -- about how it's not about politics or lack of public support and I assumed the earth must surely have promptly opened up and swallowed the slimepod, because as anyone with a working brain has known all through the scandals, those are the only things it has been about.

It's the right-wing psychotic lying scumbags who caused the crisis, and naturally they lie about it. Well, what would you expect them to do?

I had to flash back to one of those daily regurgitaions of imbecilic lying filth puked up by's one-note pyscho, TheJennifer Rubin, who is she were an actual person would be a lock for Dumbest, Most Corrupt Pile of Fake-Journalistic Puke on the Planet5. The Jennifer Rubin has apparently no other component in its machine"brain" than about 12 brain cells, which screech, "Obama did it." To judge by its "writing," you'd have to guess that The Jennifer Rubin was created to inhabit a world where there is no reality -- just the obsessive screeching of brain-dead propaganda screaming that everything bad in the entire course of the history of the universe -- all 6000 years of it -- is owing to Obama's socialism and corruption. I hope I don't have to add "Obama" is a code word for . . . well, you know the basic things it's a code word for.

Just a day or two ago I noticed The Jennifer Rubin frothing about how, predictably, the New York Times had taken potshots at George W. Bush, as if this were the most outrageous thing A Jennifer Rubin could imagine -- and possibly it is. The reality, of course, is that it would be impossible ever to take enough "pot shots" at that vile desecrator of human decency, at least until the day when everyone who worked for the Bush regime is safely imprisoned and the leaders have been executed. If Chimpy had been judged by the standards applied by the psychotic lying scumbags of the Right to Obama, he would by now have been executed about a million billion times.

Oh yes, The Jennifer Rubin and the VA scandals. Wasn't it about the VA Scandals that TJR was screeching a week or two ago about the apocalyptic dastardliness of it, and it doesn't matter whether you're a liberal or conservative, blah-blah-blah. As if TJR was mechanically capble of separating anything from ideology, from expressing anything that isn't filtered through rightwing psychotic lying scumbagger. She has no other subject, no other resource, no other reason for getting out of her storage unit every day to puke up more imbecilic filth.


Because those same psychotic lying scumbags have consistently done everything in their power to make sure it sucks, possibly because any pennies devoted to care for veterans are pennies that won't be availale to send more of our "heroes" into the next insane adventure the psychotic lying scumbag warmongers want to send them into to be killed and maimed.

And yet the right-wing psychotic lying scumbags get away with pretending that, when ti comes to veterans' care, they are the solution rather than the problem.

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The only Veteran a Conservative loves is a Dead Veteran.


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