Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lee Camp brings his special brand of "clarity" to the gun-control debate


". . . If the military created a laser handgun tomorrow that could shoot through everything from New York to Idaho in a single shot -- every person, creature, house, barn, every Applebee's, Chuck E. Cheese . . . I think very few people would argue that everyone should be allowed to sit down at a dinner with one in their pocket. No one seems to claim that their Second Amendment rights are infriged upon because they can't own a home Panasonic atom bomb. My point is that people say they are against gun control, but clearly everyone is for some weapon control of some varying degree. If you're not, you're more psychotic than the love child of Kim Jong-Un and Mad Dog Tannen. . . . The question is, instead, where to draw the line, at what level or size of gun. . . ."

by Ken

Yes, it's another Moment of Clarity from Lee Camp, #194.

By the way, you may remember ("Super funnyman Lee Camp makes an offer you can hardly refuse") that Lee was offering a free download of his last comedy CD, Chaos for the Weary, but that at the time the intertubes were apparently too jammed up for serious moochers to establish contact. Well, the offer is still good, and there's even an alternate link provided. (I had no trouble accomplishing the download via the primary link.)

"All I ask in return," says Lee, "is that you put up a Facebook post telling others to do the same." Once again if you, like me, don't do Facebook, there's an alternate ask on the link page, where Lee says, "All I ask in return is that you tell people to do the same and that if you like the album, you consider purchasing my new album, Pepper Spray the Tears Away. Anyway, enjoy!" For the record, let it be known that I just told people.

And I definitely plan to buy the new album, as soon as, um, I get around to it. Any week now. For information about the Pepper Spray the Tears Away CD, and about the new book version of Lee's Moments of Clarity, check out this page on his website, leecamp.net.

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