Monday, December 03, 2012

Super funnyman Lee Camp makes an offer you can hardly refuse


-- a message from Lee this evening on the website

"We're scared of change. We're frightened by the idea that we could wake up tomorrow and things might be different. . . ."
-- the start of Lee's Moment of Clarity #190, "How To Make
Your Life Better . . . And Other Trivial Matters
" (see below)

by Ken

This just in by e-mail from the world's most trenchant and side-splitting political mayhem-maker:

My Live Comedy Album FOR FREE!!!

I am giving away my award-winning comedy album Chaos for the Weary for free for a limited time only.

To grab a copy just go here:

It's that easy! All I ask in return is that you put up a Facebook post telling others to do the same.
As it happens, in this form this is an offer I not only can but have to refuse, since I don't do Facebook posts. (It's somewhere between a matter of principle and a matter of incapacity. Just about the intersection point between them.) However, in the version of this offer on Lee's website, leecamp.net, he frames the Chaos for the Weary offer a bit differently:
Just go to the link below to download it. All I ask in return is that you tell people to do the same and that if you like the album, you consider purchasing my new album Pepper Spray the Tears Away. Anyway, enjoy!
By that standard I definitely qualify for the download and definitely plan to do it, as soon as the pile-up of freeloaders thins out.

In the e-mail, Lee adds:
In other very cool news -- I am featured in the new Peter Joseph project "Culture In Decline." You may know Peter as the creator of the massively popular Zeitgeist movie trilogy. I appear at around the 14-minute mark in the new episode.

Click HERE to watch it.

"How To Make Your Life Better . . . And Other Trivial Matters"


I should make the point I usually do about Lee: that as a performer, his raucous joyousness and trenchancy make him a unique comic and commentator. But on the page, which is the way I first encountered him, even when the material is essentially identical, the reader can appreciate an amazingly analytical lucidity that's just as funny but even more rare. I don't know which way he's more brilliant, but that one person is such a master of both media kind of blows my mind.

The book, we're told, "contains 90 Moment of Clarity transcripts PLUS 20 never-before-seen photographs from professional photog C.S. Muncy on the front lines of Occupy Wall Street."

On the appropriate webpage on the website you'll find information about various e-book formats as well as the hold-in-your-hands-and-laugh paperback edition. The same webpage has information and links for the new CD, Pepper Spray the Tears Away.



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