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Ever met a Ron Paul supporter up close? I flew back from Oakland on Southwest-- no reserve seats. I managed to snag the aisle seat of row 1 for the 55 minute flight back to Burbank. A small, quiet young woman was in the window seat-- and the plane was far from full. There were seats everyone. So I was grumpy when a guy in his late 20s/early 30s squeezed into the middle seat. There were dozens of open seats everywhere. Oh well... I didn't want to send any bad vibes his way; after all, we'd all soon be at 30,000 feet together on this flimsy aluminum tube. I settle down to read the last chapter of Cliff Schecter's fantastic book, The Real McCain. No sooner than we were over Hayward, he asked me, gesturing towards Cliff's book, if I like John McCain.

I never mind putting aside a book to get a chance to rant about all the reasons why John W. McCain is unfit for public office. I'm not sure how the people behind me or across the aisle felt, but this guy couldn't have agreed more. He knew most of the anti-McCain talking points. But it wasn't really McCain he was interested in. At his first opportunity he lurched into a schpiel about the 6 families that own the media and how McCain, the Clintons and Obama all belong to the Council of Foreign Relations and how that organization... yes, rules the world. I immediately realized I was sitting next to an actual Ron Paul supporter.

It wasn't long before he was talking about the gold standard. He was definitely a pleasant person with nice manners and not steeped in ignorance-- although when I questioned Paul's actual voting record, he wasn't open to believing his hero (idol?) spent most of his time in Congress rubber stamping the reactionary Republican agenda. Anyway... come November he plans to write Paul's name in. No Obama voter here. He's not buying the "change" theory-- although he is buying corporate media talking points (6 families or not) about Obama being all gloss with no substance. I urged him to go to Obama's website and read the substance and he promised he would; I bet he does. But I wouldn't bet he'll vote for Obama. For him-- and how many more Paul supporters-- Obama is merely the lesser of two evils. Fortunately, Obama can win the presidency without the Ron Paul supporters. But can McCain-- the greater of two evils?

Today's L.A. Times reports that, regardless of how the Machiavellian right has swallowed hard and come over to the McCain they know and hate, the far, far more principled Paulistsas never will... or, at least, haven't as yet. The Paul loyalists are still seething about McCain's condescending and malicious attitude towards Paul during the debates and are furious that McCain backed a primary opponent-- who failed dismally-- in his congressional race. The Paulistas don't like being labeled moonbats and Paul-tards and I don't blame them. Even Paul himself told CNN this week that he has no intention of campaigning for McCain this fall... "Not unless he changes his tune-- like bring the troops home." Asked how he can be a good Republican by the CNNbot, Paul replied "Maybe you’re a good Republican if you stand up for Republican principles."

And that is what his supporters intend to do-- by not voting for John W. McCain's bid to embody a third term for George Bush. Their websites read like ours when it comes to McCain. "We have labeled John McCain has a political opportunist who does not truly represent what the general public thinks of him. Every news item coming out regarding McCain lately only reinforces this view... [W]hile Ron Paul’s foresight and knowledge continues to get validated, John McCain continues to try to polish his maverick straight talker image. Unfortunately, it seems to be a successful strategy on a public that would rather play Grand Theft Auto IV than pay attention to politics... Liberty Maven is not made up of a single Democrat, so it isn’t only the Democrats trying to reveal the truth of the John McCain myth."



At 12:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be glad it was only a 55 minute hop, Howie.

I once found myself sitting next to a hardcore Huckabee TheoCon. We were fine while dissecting McCain, but when he discovered I was a pastor and NOT supporting Huckabee . . . let's just say it became a very looonnngggg 2 hours.


At 1:39 PM, Anonymous IludiumPhosdex said...

Let's not forget the revelations from earlier in the year about Ron Paul in Archie Bunker/Alf Garnett mode--as in outright racist, homophobe and anti-Semite by way of several newsletters published under Mr. Paul's name and (presumed) imprimateur from the mid-1980's on.

As well as the inevitable denials from the Ron Paul camp in its wake.

The which needs to be brought up when the so-called "Ron Paul Revolution" is brought up.

At 2:47 PM, Anonymous Megaman_X said...

Ron Paul has got to be the most overrated presidential candidate I've ever seen. So what if he ran left of the Republicans? Dennis Kucinich ran left of the Democrats, yet wherever you drive, you don't see Kucinich '08 signs everywhere you look. I swear it's true. On a 4 hour road trip, I saw at least 4 Ron Paul signs on houses while I wasn't on the freeway. He may be loved by his supporters, but he's not that popular. He's only managed, what, 4% of the vote in every state? Yeah. That's one heck of a revolution. He does not deserve the praise he's getting.

At 12:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is not overrated. He barely gets any attention in the media. Republican Neocons hate him and they made sure to call him crazy whenever they got a chance. Problem with Ron Paul is that he is too honest. Honesty doesn't help you win elections. You have to bullshit your way through and the more you B.S, the higher the chances of you winning the election.

Can he swing the presidential election? Time will tell :-)

At 7:04 PM, Blogger Kevin Hayden said...

If I were to guess, I'd say the Paullites will find a home in Bob Barr's Libertarian Party bid, which also makes McCranky tinkle in his McDepends.

McCain will be forced to tie Obama to Bobby Seale, the Symbionese Liberation Army, Arthur Bremer and William Tecumseh Sherman to have any chance to hold onto the solid South.

At 2:26 AM, Anonymous Dave said...

"Megaman_X said: So what if he ran left of the Republicans?"

You have to be kidding me. Ron Paul runs on the right of the Neocons (disgruntled Democrats).

At 1:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ron Paul averages around 8% of the vote. He just received 24% in Idaho on May 27th.
He is as much a racist as Obama is.

At 3:54 PM, Anonymous Red said...

There is an old proverb that says something to the tune of only taking a few outraged citizens for their ideas to spread like wild fire. As far as I am concerned we can sit here all day long and dissect the problems with todays candidates, their pro's and con's and also all the propaganda and slander associated with them, However it will not changes right now, and it will not change tomorrow. So instead of calling names, and such why don't we actually go out and make a real change, a change of our own. We can not expect some president to be the change in the this world if we do not want to change ourselves. I am an avid Ron Paul supporter, but it is not "Ron Paul" himself i am concerned about, it is his ideas, his stance. Do I think Ron Paul will win? No I do not, and it is not because he is not good enough for office, it is because Americans are so busy in their own lives, and so focused on the tabloids they will not research their own information. What comes from the television screen is how they view the world. We are not unique thinkers anymore, we do, act, and imitate what our television waves show us, beyond that, we are zombies. Lets wake up, lets make a real change in this world, and who ever does become president needs the fire under their behind to get this country back into shape, and we have to be the ones to put it there. Take a stand, make a difference.


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