Thursday, April 19, 2007



uhh... No good news today, John

Although Northern California's pathetic right-wing nutcase, John Doolittle, is trying to spin the media into believing he resigned from the House Appropriations Committee-- membership on which helped him build valuable and illicit financial relationships with GOP rainmakers like Jack Abramoff, Kevin Ring, Brent Wilkes, etc-- reliable sources tell DWT a very different story. Doolittle actually thought he could prevent news leaking out about the FBI raiding his home Friday. He didn't tell the Republican hierarchy and when someone knocked on Boehner's tanning booth to tell him he flipped out. I mean if someone says "Resign by tomorrow or be fired," does that count as a resignation? Just asking.

Boehner allowed Doolittle to say "I understand how the most recent circumstances may lead some to question my tenure on the Appropriations Committee. Therefore I feel it may be in the best interest of the House that I take a temporary leave with seniority from this committee until this matter can be resolved." Boehner then followed up in a statement that "Doolittle's decision" is "in the best interest of the House and the American people."

So when does he resign from Congress? Help rebuild democracy in CA-04 by making a donation to Charlie Brown's campaign and by voting for him in Democracy for America's "Grassroots All-Star" competition.

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At 4:23 PM, Blogger Nate said...

Hi Howie... Not one to usually pimp in the comments but I have a post that compliments this one well I think. John Doolittle - Corruption Hall of Shame

A sort of video/virtual walk down memory lane of John Doolittle's low-lights in the last election. Including the wonderful video montage and full broadcast of his debate with our own Charlie Brown.

At 7:28 PM, Anonymous gbear said...

Damn, why couldn't he be a republican in the Senate? It'd be so nice to make Leiberman completely irrelevant. Err, more completely irrelevant.

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