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I read today that left-of-center Cleveland firebrand Dennis Kucinich is not in favor of impeachment... at this point. He does think, though, that if Bush persists in his plans for expanding the Iraqi war into Iran, impeachment should be back on the table. Why wait? Bush isn't. Bush said it's none of Congress' business "responsibility" and that no matter what they do Congress can't reverse his decision. Meanwhile other members of his rogue regime have been fanning out over the world, like locusts, with a message of dark mayhem aimed at Iran.

Robert Gates admitted that the U.S. military buildup in Persian Gulf-- including the deployment of a Patriot missile battalion, is aimed squarely at Iran's "very negative behavior." Cheney and his shop have been huffing and puffing about Iran for years and he was sent out of his kennel to erupt and saber rattle on national television again last weekend. Bush, Cheney, Hadley, Rice, Gates have been putting together a propaganda campaign aimed at setting the stage for war with Iran.

A major investment bank, ING, sought to head off any precipitous shock among their clients by warning them of a possible American/Israeli attack on Iran. Interestingly, this comes just as a report of top secret negotiations between Israel and Syria is leaked, negotiations that supposedly include Syria backing away from its alliance with Iran.

And ask any elderly German. Germany didn't invade Poland. Poland attacked Germany. Luckily Germany was prepared to defend itself. And the public had been thoroughly brainwashed prepared. So far Americans are just depressed and pessimistic. People are tired of Bush and all the lies and incompetence and corruption. "The increasingly confrontational pose struck by the US is a repudiation of one of the key recommendations of the Iraq Study Group, which called for the start of a dialogue with Iran and Syria in an effort to extricate the US from Iraq."

So what are the Democrats we elected to Congress planning to do about it? Well, Cheney isn't the only one huffin' and puffin'. Despite the heroic actions of active duty military men warning about Bush's impending catastrophe, it looks like none of the "big name" Democrats are ready to follow the lead of Ted Kennedy in the Senate and John Murtha in the House and other Outside-the-Beltway Dems, like Bill Richardson and John Edwards, who want to really stop Bush from escalating, not just offer a nonbinding symbolic resolution. Bush doesn't care about nonbinding or symbolic. Bush needs to be removed from office before he can do further grievous harm to our country and our world. Americans need to face up to the fact that we made a great big mistake-- twice. It's the first step to recovery.


At 11:21 PM, Blogger shystee said...

What up DWT! I've been screeching about this for weeks.

Sometimes I'm afraid the Dems just want to wait out the next two years sitting on their hands. The intervening bloodbath and constitution-shredding is unfortunate, but unavoidable.. politically.

It seems to me like the upper-echelon liberal bloggers are keeping quiet on this, thinking the dem strategy might work, or just not wanting to give them any "negatives". Once the Dems win in 08 everything will be peachy, right?

Driving me fucking nuts.


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