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Rep.-elect Jerry McNerney says: "Please help Christine [Jennings] make sure every vote counts" in FL-13, which the GOP is nearly finished stealing


Over the course of the primary and general-election campigns, Howie introduced DWT readers to a lot of impressive candidates across the country, and I know his only frustration was that he--and we--couldn't do more for them. A bunch of them are headed for Congress in January, or to assorted state houses. The rest of them will, I hope, be back to fight another, happier fight.

One of the earliest candidates to attract DWT attention was in fact making his second try at what was once considered a hopeless task: unseating entrenched Republicrook "Dirty Dick" Pombo. Jerry McNerney waged a heroic battle for the Democratic nomination in 2004, then got in his first licks at Dirty Dick, and this year was all set to finish the job he started two years earlier--only to find himself up against a field of primary candidates including a hand-picked, well-financed stooge of Rahm Emanuel (without strong roots in the district, like most Rahmocrats).

Well, Jerry cleaned the stooge's clock, and in the process earned the eternal enmity of Boss Rahm, master of the DCCC and its purse strings. Nevertheless, last month he sent Dirty Dick to a richly deserved early retirement. Well, Jerry hasn't even been sworn in yet, and he's already continuing the good fight: urging us to support Christine Jennings' struggle to hold off the forces of darkness in Florida's 13th CD--the one that had the 18,000 "undervote" ballots cast, without a congressional vote. This is a race that so obviously demands a recount (as a prelude to getting a new election ordered) that no sensible person could oppose it.

Of course in Florida sensible people are mostly excluded from control of the election machinery, which is mostly in the clutches of the state Republican Party, which steals elections for a living. The legal process to prevent the GOP from completing the theft of this seat is expensive. It would be no problem for a Republican candidate, of course--the money would appear as if by magic. But Christine needs our help.

Ironically, Christine was one of Boss Rahm's candidates, a recently converted Republican sent into battle in the primary against a real grass-roots progressive, Jan Schneider. Even so, we can't allow the Republicans to steal the seat, at least not without a fight. And who do we find at the front of the march? The pride of CA-11, Rep.-elect Jerry McNerney!

His message? "Please help Christine make sure that every vote counts!"

Dear ----------,
Many of you have heard me tell the story of how I used my home equity to pay for the re-count of my write-in campaign against Richard Pombo in 2004. That recount resulted in me winning the Democratic nomination by ONE vote.
Well, it has been nearly four weeks since the midterm elections and we all have had a chance to rest, but there is still a race yet to be decided that reminds me of the importance of one vote. And it's also an unfortunate example of the importance of election integrity. Democrat Christine Jennings is locked in a tough battle to determine the next representative of Florida's 13th Congressional district and she needs our help making sure every vote counts.
In Christine's home of Sarasota County, election officials have maintained that an astounding 18,000 voters simply did not vote in her Congressional race - - a 14% "undervote" that is six times higher than the undervote rate in the rest of the district. You don't need a Ph.D. in Math to know this is a statistical aberration, and combined with numerous reports of voters who said they voted for Jennings but didn't see this choice registered on their voting summary, makes it clear that a new election or re- vote is the only solution.
Jennings needs to pay for a legal team, voting machine experts, and maintain a full staff while they work to ensure that every vote is counted. They also must prepare to mount a strong campaign if a judge orders a re-vote. These efforts will cost money, an estimated $1,000,000. No winner has been declared yet, and at this point, anything can happen.
The FL-13 Recount Fund is a joint account supported by the Florida Democratic Party. That means you are able to make a personal donation of any amount up to $12,100. Your donation will not count toward the federal limit. Any amount you can give today will be truly appreciated -- and it will help protect our fundamental right to a free and fair election. You can contribute by donating securely online at: http://

Jerry McNerney
Congressman-Elect CA-11


But I thought that before I posted this appeal, I should make my contribution, and I had the requisite ActBlue page filled in, but when I clicked to "complete transaction," my browser claimed not to be able to open the page, and the ActBlue site claimed not to recognize it.

Probably I screwed it up somehow.


No, it all seems to be OK! I've got my e-mail receipt confirming my contribution! So if the same thing happens to you, it's probably OK too.


At 8:23 PM, Anonymous Jackson said...

Thanks for helping us out in Florida. We are counting on this case to rid America of the dreadful touch screen machines the Repugs keep stealing elections with.

At 4:28 AM, Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

This is a tough one. Personally, I would never donate to someone like Jennings-- a slimy Rahmocrat. I´m sure she´s better than the extreme right wing fanatic the Florida GOP has stolen the race for and there is NO DOUBT in my mind that the undermining of the electoral process-- and democracy itself-- should be punished-- severely. But genuine progressives (like for example, Ciro Rodriguez, who is in the midst of a run-off in Texas right now, are better investments for progressive dollars, in my opinion, than a pseudo-Democrat like Jennings). Emanuel and the crew of corporate-oriented Democrats will make sure her (worthy) challenge to the election will be well-funded. They don´t need our money; we need it for candidates who will, unlike Jennings, support our values and ideals and support the interests of workers and consumers.

Many of my friends, besides Ken, see it differently and I respect their opinions. In fact People For the American Way, on whose Board I sit, is very active in trying to make sure the seat goes to Jennings. I already bet one of the guys from Swingstate Project that if she winds up in Congress we will soon be gnashing our teeth and rending our clothes over what will be a really stinky voting record.

At 8:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wes Clark also did his bit......


Thanks to the generosity of our WesPAC community, we reached our goal of raising $20,000 for Christine Jenning’s recount fund a full week ahead of schedule.

The ongoing recount in FL-13 is fast becoming an important test case for electronic voting, and the results of this battle will certainly have a major impact on voting throughout our country. It is a testament to our community that we would so quickly seize the opportunity to make sure that Christine has the resources needed to ensure that every intended vote is counted.

Thank you again for your generous help and support. It will certainly make a big difference as Christine fights for electoral justice!

If you haven't had an opportunity to contribute to Christine Jennings recount fund, there is still time, just click here.


Wes Clark


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