Saturday, August 05, 2006

Quote of the day: You could say it's nice that Hillary's finally roused herself on the war, but it's still fair to ask where she's been all this time


The enunciation of a clear sentence about the war in Iraq by Hillary Clinton means that there must be an election coming up.
--Maureen Dowd, in her NYT column today

As often happens with our Mo, being late on the tackle she kind of just piles on. Sure, we enjoyed Hillary's sudden reawakening, but Mo makes a fair point:

Until now, she has been unsubtly subtle about the most urgent issue facing the country, sending signals rightward, sending signals leftward, tacking here, tacking there. Some days she seemed to be signaling whether she intended to signal.

But now, suddenly, she’s a woman of passion, a model of concerned clarity. After an eon of calculated silence on most of the big moral questions of the day, there is a calculated breaking of the silence. The enigma won’t play anymore. It’s time for the drama.


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