Friday, August 04, 2006

Maybe this picture is worth a thousand words—revisiting Thursday's dramatic Hillary vs. Rummy Senate Armed Services Committee hearing


photo by Doug Miles for the New York Times—click on it to enlarge

Thanks to reader jerryb for shaming me into adding a credit for the photo I used with my musings on Thursday's Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, the one where Sen. Hillary Clinton kind of nailed Defense Secretary Rumsfeld to the table. I think you'll be especially eager to take another look at the photo--which captures two senators, Clinton and Kennedy, and two witnesses, Rummy and Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff--after reading Jerry's observations about it in the comment he left.

For the record, it was taken by Doug Miles for the New York Times, and you can get a really good look at it by clicking anywhere on it to enlarge it.

Meanwhile, thanks to Jerry for, er, encouraging me to do right by the photog!


Well, this version of the photo doesn't seem to enlarge! However, the version with the original post (see link above) still does, at least on my system.

Trust me, I'm way out of my depth here!

TRY, TRY AGAIN--Now we're cooking!

Well, I tried uploading the damned picture again, and this time it not only enlarges but in unenlarged form fills our full colulmn width--the size I was going for originally. I've even plunked this new, improved version into the original post.

Don't ask me.


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