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CNN is reporting this evening that the right-wing fanatics who are crowing about having forced him to withdraw the nomination of Harriet Miers are now demanding-- not requesting-- that he hew to their party line and not think outside of the narrowest of (neo-fascist) boxes. According to CNN, WingNutia is "vowing to oppose President Bush's next nominee unless the candidate has solid conservative credentials," code for opposes women's right to choice and opposes separation of church and state. One long-time loon, with solid Nazi cred is psycho-case Phyllis Schafly of the fringe hate group Eagle Forum. "I think [conservative groups] will swing into action again" [if he doesn't pick someone certifiably insane]. "The judicial issue was a major issue in the 2004 elections, and it was a reason why many people voted for Bush even though they might have been unhappy [with him] for other reasons." (Although with Adolph dead, she doesn't say what they would have done if not vote for Bush.) Schlafly said the extreme Right has given Bush a choice of a dozen acceptable fellow-loons they will allow him to pick from (specifically ruling out Bush's close friend, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who is not considered radical enough for the fascists, even though he approved torture, something they love).

One senior White House operative, admitting they were beaten by their own radical Right, told CNN that Bush's next pick will be predicated on the "lessons learned" from disastrous Miers' nomination.

As bizarre as it sounds, CNN reports that Wingnutia spokesmen graciously say they will refrain from endorsing a particular candidate before Bush chooses someone. (Yes, they really and truly are insane.)
Tony Perkins, head of the nut group Family Research Council, and every bit as wigged out and psychotic as Schlafly, said leaders within the neo-Nazi Right "would not remain silent on what type of person they want on the bench. 'Very clearly, there is going to be a call for a nominee that can have the enthusiastic support from the people that supported the president,'" he said, using code for a die-hard opponent of womens' rights to choice and against any semblance of separation of Church and State.

"Dollar" Bill Frist, who is laboring under some kind of weird delusion that the religionist kooks support him and that he isn't going to prison for insider stock trading, called for "a highly qualified nominee who is committed to upholding the Constitution and who believes in the limited role of a judge to interpret the law and not legislate from the bench," code for "will vote against Choice and will legislate from the bench in favor of Right wing schemes."

CNN also reports on the controversy about whether or not "Bush's" next nominee should be a woman-- an option supported by retiring Sandra Day O'Connor and Laura Bush. Thus far unindicted fake-preacher/Abramoff whore/Traditional Values Coalition Chairman "Lucky Louie" Sheldon said he favors replacing O'Connor with another woman and gave Bush a choice of 3 lunatic judges as possible choices: Edith Hollan Jones, Priscilla Owen, and Janice Rogers Brown. "I think we should have a woman this time," Sheldon said. "Isn't the [justice] retiring a woman?" (Hopefully he's asking that rhetorically.)

But the men who run Concerned Women for America said gender shouldn't come into play. "For us it is not about sex, race or creed," said Lanier Swann, the conservative group's director of government relations. "It is really about their ability to fairly interpret the Constitution," code for denying women the right to choice or privacy and to opposing separation of church and state.

Democrats are hoping Bush will pick a mainstream jurist who will unite the country but Wingnutia is hoping Bush will bring together a Republican Party in "disarray" by nominating an off-the-wall out-and-out fascist that Democrats would vehemently oppose. "A fight I think would be helpful," said a neo-Nazi leader, who spoke to CNN on the condition of anonymity. "What will bring people together is to have a common goal, and that would be the nomination of a conservative nominee," code for someone willing to deny women a right to choice and abolish separation of church and state.


At 2:47 PM, Blogger DallasDavid said...

If Bush were wise, he would pick a liberal. Take everyone off guard. Understandably the convervative base is not found of this. Why doesn't washington go against the grain?

At 3:03 PM, Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

But he isn't... which is why we've got the problems we have. Not only he isn't wise, he has a bunch of ideologues and greedballs all around him to make things even worse.


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