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I woke up early-- even by my standards-- today: 3:30AM. I didn't open my eyes after a brief glance at the clock but I did switch on CNN. I dosed on and off, never opening my eyes but hearing snippet's of (mostly inane) convo. Somewhere in there they had Ann Coulter as a guest. Although I didn't get to see the big masculine bobbing Adam's apple, I did hear the vitriolic voice of a vicious psychopath babbling on about her plans for a Nazi take-over of America. (We beat them in the 40's and-- with people like Ann Coulter leading their charge-- we'll beat them in '06 and '08.) Anyway, Coulter inadvertently croaked out one piece of Truth: that the worst thing that could happen to Nutlandia would be for this whole RoveGate mess to drag on unresolved. No one knows who the hell Scooter Libby is, she boasted. Getting it over with is what Coulter and the rest of the wrong-wing want.

As long as Dick Cheney or Bush aren't indicted, BushCo can claim it's a minor matter and many people-- too busy with keeping their fraying lives together-- won't pay much attention. Today Karl Rove won't be indicted nor will a dozen other treasonous, conspiratorial BushCo operatives. OK, Scooter Libby has been, but Coulter's got a point (as well as a gross Adam's apple): does anyone other than those who already know about this treason and who did it and why, even know or care who he is? Maybe a few. But, back to Coulter's worry, the problem still lingers... threateningly. People like her and O'Liely and DeLay and Hannity and Limbaugh have already tried-- and dismally failed-- to smear Fitzgerald and make it look like a partisan witch hunt. That ain't stickin' and Fitzgerald is far from finished. He's barely started.

Now there is a CRIMINAL prosecution on the front burner (Scooter's), which means people will be called to testify under oath, even, perhaps, Bush and Darth. Scooter resigned which will probably encourage Mr and Mrs Smith in Iowa to scratch their heads and figure something about smoke and fire. The bad news for the Bush Regime isn't the loss of Scooter but that RoveGate lives and it lives when they need desperately for it to go away.

The only good thing for them today is that Rove wasn't forced into resigning... today. Death by a thousand cuts, on the other hand, is not good news for BushCo (not that they deserve any).


At 1:54 PM, Blogger keninny said...

Of course Awful Annie would like to believe that nobody cares about Scooter Libby. And of course all the talking-points-equipped robot heads have parroted the party line about perjury and obstruction of justice not being real crimes.

However, as I suspect the more sober-minded souls in the White House have been dreading, the story that's beginning to play even in our docile media is that THE VICE PRESIDENT'S CHIEF AIDE--indeed, his "alter ego," as the Scooter is often described--has been indicted on those five counts. And from what I saw of Prosecutor Pat's press conference, he looks as straight-arrow and tough as his reputation suggested. In other words, he looks less smearable and spinnable than almost any obstacle the Bush crime syndicate has come up against.

The pity is that Fitzgerald seems to be as fanatically principled about upholding the law as the Bush gang is about breaking it, and there is no way he (or his people) will say ANYTHING outside the scope of the indictments actually delivered by the grand jury, and they clearly have no intention of saying anything about public about the Libby case as it's prepared and prosecuted--or for that matter the other matters that they're continuing to look into (which seem to include Uncle Karl's activities; apparently he's far from off the hook). By contrast, the right-wing spinners consider themselves free to say anything about anything--and of course the last consideration they feel bound by is truth.

Unfortunately for them, the arena Prosecutor Pat is going to be playing in is the coutroom, where the rules in force happen to be the ones he's playing by. And as even the AOL first report notes, it's hard to imagine how the charges now lodged against Scooter can be prosecuted without opening up the inner workings of this administration, to potentially huge embarrassment.


At 2:25 PM, Blogger Neumu1 said...

The president's #s have been heading south, and the indictment of Libby will not help. I think Fitzgerald may still indict Rove -- I watched his press conference three times, and if you read between the lines, it does appear that a Rove indictment is still possible.
We may yet see this administration self-destruct.


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