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Sooner or later everyone dies. I don't know how many people die so respected, so admired, so beloved, so cherished as Evelyn Ostin. I don't know of anyone who ever met her who wasn't bowled over by her joie de vivre, her compassion, her uncanny ability to empathize with her entire being, her kindness, her warmth, and her generosity. EVERYONE loved this woman.

She passed away Tuesday evening. Her family announced a memorial service on the Warner Bros lot and within hours it became obvious they had to move it someplace larger. UCLA's Royce Hall graciously accommodated. Like Evelyn, the memorial was dignified and easy-going; there were tears and there was laughter. Presidents and royals don't get a send-off more impressive or more filled with awe and love.

The speakers, all relatives and close friends of Evelyn's were inspiring because they were to a person inspired by her. Evelyn was always alive to discovery and spirituality and her own spirituality imbued each and every speaker, from her young grandchildren full of grace to important spiritual figures Eitan Yardeni, Deepak Chopra and Quincy Jones. Between speaker some of Evelyn's favorite singers performed, some of whom talked about what an integral part of them lives she was: Barbra Streisand, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Patti Austin and James Ingram, Don Henley, Josh Groban and Nita Whitaker, and Randy Newman.

A haiku by Evelyn:

Enfold your loved ones into your arms
and never let them go.

Let them know how treasured they are
so that when some darkness comes,
they can look up and say "I am loved"
and see the light come through.

Love them even more.


At 2:21 PM, Blogger Ilene said...

Man. That's very sad to hear.

At 7:36 PM, Anonymous brenda caddell said...

My God, No! This was a REAL lady. Evelyn embraced everyone. She made me feel like she was my Nana, too. She loved with all of her being, her eyes, her soft and caring embraces, her lending and empathetic ear.

Evelyn once said to me, "Family, that's what it's all about honey."
Her beautiful,beautiful warm smile was often captured when she spoke of, or watched one of her grandaughters presentations or witnessed one of their stories, poems, or art work of the bulletin board. She was so very proud of those sweet, pretty, little precious girls!

Evelyn had a way of always adding that little something special to an event, and she knew how to have fun. She was a happy lady, a strong lady, a down to earth lady, a spiritual lady of wisdom, Miss Classy!

She spoke proudly of her days when she lived near The L.A. Sports Arena, and remained a humble, gracious, and grateful woman who sacraficed herself, so that others would be happy.

I must admit that I heard rumors of her homecomming, but I was too afraid to know. This hurts!

The Bible says, "Be careful how you treat one an other, for you may be entertaining angels".

Angel,it's been a pleasure and a real honor! Your sprit has touched me in a special way.


Brenda Caddell

At 8:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I described her as an angel in my book, she really was an angel on earth, Mo knows how to pick 'em! I wish there were many others around like her, I wanted to be just like her,I idolized her.

At 4:40 PM, Blogger Alex said...

i work for her in some of her grand doughters birthdays and she treat me as a son she was wonderful and really lady


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