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Kiss Of Death Endorsements: Trump And Pelosi


I know I don't have to interpret that Twitter poll for you, although if you don't know who Shahid Buttar is, he's the progressive Democrat who, along with Nancy Pelosi, came out of the March jungle primary and will face her one-on-one in November. (You can contribute to Shahid's campaign here, as you can see, the only candidate endorsed by this blog.)

After Pelosi exhibited startling, even breath-taking hypocrisy by endorsing Joe Kennedy III who is challenging incumbent Democratic Senator Ed Markey for his Massachusetts seat, just 6.8% of respondents said her endorsement will influence them to favor Kennedy or favor him more. On the other hand... well you can see.

Most Republican senators aren't asking for Trump's endorsement. Like Pelosi's, an endorsement by Trump is just toxic-- especially among independents. Sure, in states or districts that are so heavily Republican, an endorsement from Trump or Pence or Mitch McConnell would be a net plus... and in deep red House districts it makes sense to ask for an endorsement. Senate seats are different. Trump is still popular in Wyoming, Idaho, Oklahoma and the Dakotas but don't expect to see Trump endorsements being ballyhooed by incumbent senators where independent voters determine winners. I don't know what John Cornyn (R-TX) is going to do but I would bet that Susan Collins (ME), Cory Gardner (CO), Thom Tillis (NC), and Joni Ernst (IA) aren't going to be advertising-- at least not to a general audience on TV or radio-- that Trump is backing them.

On the other hand, in Alaska, where nearly half the voters are independents, there is a lot of ballyhooing of Trump's endorsement of Republican incumbent Dan Sullivan-- all of it from Independent Al Gross who is running on the Democratic Party line. I spoke with Gross' campaign manager yesterday and he was almost gleeful to have seen Trump endorse Sullivan. "I hope President Trump comes up here to campaign for Dan," he said. "A majority of the state doesn't approve of him, and with his help, we can make that 60%!" He sent me this:

Yesterday, Collins announced that part-time Maine resident George W. Bush-- remember, relative to Trump and for many people, the stink has worn off now-- has endorsed her-- his first endorsement of 2020. "The nod from the former president, whose politics appear centrist by Trump-era standards, may nudge some traditional Republicans into Collins’ corner," wrote David Sharp for the Associated Press. "Trump has not endorsed the Maine senator, whose race is among a handful critical to Republicans’ hopes of keeping control of the Senate, where they have a 53-47 advantage. Collins, meanwhile, has not said whether she intends to vote for Trump." Fellow New England Republican, Governor Phil Scott (R-VT) made an announcement yesterday that leaves no doubt he doesn't want and would not accept Trump's endorsement: "I won't be voting for President Trump... I have not decided, at this point, whether to cast a vote for former Vice President Biden... something I would consider."

After Pelosi's endorsement of Joe Kennedy III infuriated progressives-- not as much because of the pick as because of Pelosi's disgusting hyocrisy-- AOC sent her followers a fundraising letter from her own campaign but for for Markey, a staffer explaining the double standard:
Last year, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee instituted a new blacklist-- targeting staffers and companies who worked for primary challengers. Unsurprisingly, that overwhelmingly targeted people who worked with progressives.

Now, it’s clear: That blacklist was never just meant to "protect incumbents." It was meant to block progressive leaders from being elected, like Ayanna Pressley, Jamaal Bowman, Cori Bush, or even Alexandria in 2018.

...Markey is not taking the safe route. He’s causing good trouble in Washington, fighting for international peace, a Green New Deal, and dismantling ICE. These are hard fights to win. Many look at them and back down. But not Ed Markey.

Markey is listening to the next generation of leaders-- the young folks on the ground working day in and day out to change the world-- and does everything in his power to amplify their voices on Capitol Hill. If Washington had more leaders like Ed Markey, we’d be a lot better off.

Scary that Pelosi is no longer self-aware enough to understand that her endorsement really is a kiss of death in most places in the country-- even in as blue a state as Massachusetts. Isn't she supposed to be retiring now and passing along her seat to her daughter? You know, the dynasty thing-- like the Kennedys.

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At 6:44 AM, Anonymous ap215 said...

She's a 100% total corporate fraud

At 6:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

pelo$i is not going anywhere.

SF voters will continue to elect the uber-whore.
$he will continue to buy her $peakershit, as long as $he gets more seat-warmers than the Nazis.
$he knows that the corrupt purity of her party is far too important to leave to her 220 carefully hand-picked heirs.

but with the seemingly ever-expanding numbers of potted flora, and after debasing her$elf and her party by refusing to do anything at all about trump (so $he and her party can run against him), $he is all but guaranteed 2 more years.

Anticipating 2022 being a re-flush of 2010, $he will probably retire in time to enjoy being lauded from coast to coast as one of our greate$t ever American$.

which will be the epitaph of the nation, constitution and society that $he played a key role in destroying.

but, like obamanation and slick willie, $he will still be worshipped by 10s of millions of potted flora everywhere.

At 8:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Without having any hard data to back this up, my best guess is that Pelosi's endorsement might help in some cases, but hurt in others -- it's not universally bad. It might help for candidates who have a strong progressive voting base, but who need to shore up support with the kind of Dems who watch MSNBC uncritically and think that Pelosi is a leader of the #Resistance -- basically candidates who are perceived as outsiders or marginal in some way; it backfires for candidates who are either weak with progressives or conservatives Dems and who are finding a ceiling on their support because they are seen as insiders.

e.g. when Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar ran for re-election, both received Pelosi's endorsement (presumably Pelosi reciprocating for their support for her as Speaker in 2018). I think it may have helped them. Both clearly had a lot of organic support within their districts, but I would guess on the net that Bernie-hating, MSNBC loving Dems, had reservations about these incumbents. For them Pelosi's support may have helped, because it went against type and undermined a narrative that was being pushed about them. Kennedy III's problem is that the Pelosi endorsement reinforces a negative narrative about his candidacy. e.g. that he's part of a self-serving clique of party insiders who look out for each other, but who don't really care about anyone else.

At 11:18 PM, Blogger paul lukasiak said...

I mentioned this in another thread, but I'll repeat here.

The first three days of the convention worked on me -- I was ready and willing to work my ass off for Biden -- and make the meager contribution that i can afford as a symbol of my commitment. Then I heard about Pelosi's betrayal, and I've gone from enthusiastic to "Fuck it". I'll still crawl through broken glass to vote for whichever candidate has the best chance of beating Trump in November. But more than that -- my heart won't be in it.

Which is why Pelosi's move was more than a betrayal, it was a STUPID betrayal. It was a demonstration that, whatever political gifts she may have once had, she's no longer fit to be speaker. Only an idiot would do something that they know will severely damage party unity with Trump's re-election on the line. But how much dumber do you have to be to do it right before Biden's big moment?

At 8:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul, pelo$i serves the money. $he wants her caucus to be ideologically pure. It's just too much work to spend 2 years a$$imilating the likes of AOC. It would just be so much easier if the ass that warms the seat is already ideologically corrupt, neoliberal and fascist.

$he has propped up trump for 3 years so that $he and democraps can run against him. $he knows that American leftys are too stupid to realize what $he did. They're going to vote against trump no matter what lakes of feces they end up getting.


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