Saturday, April 04, 2020

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

President Useless has turned his nightly "briefing" show into a new form of MAGA-Lie-Fest rally and, of course, just like during the 2016 campaign, the Korporate Media is giving him all the free airtime he wants for his extended horror-reality extravaganza of disrespect for humanity. We've all seen the lists of continuous lies and timelines of our psychopathic president's deliberate inaction and worse. The tragic results for so many families were completely predictable, especially to a president who had all the information at the tips of his little fingers. Now, he even admits that he always knew it was a pandemic. There you have it. The potential for human misery and death is tremendous, bigly even. He even says he's a "Wartime President" now, just like Dubya once cynically said with a smirk. The political assclown set thinks that invoking the magic "Wartime President" phrase entitles them to four more years. Sadly, idiots all across the land fall for it Fool me twice... you can't get fooled again? The media barely even questions Donnie Useless. Why would they? They're in his corner.

Lots of people are dying needlessly, including Trump supporters. Unlike them, the virus doesn't discriminate. But, as I write this on Wednesday afternoon, not even one person in the White House has died. That's OK. They're all waiting to be raptured anyway.

But it's not just the fact that President Useless gave the coronavirus a headstart and a more solid foothold than it would have been given by a non-psychopathic president of any party; there are other evils afoot. One, there's the suspension of all EPA environmental safety protocols and regulations. Yeah, just what we need on top of a virus, more lead, mercury and death-causing carcinogens in our water and air. Sounds like a Republican wet dream if there ever was one, and there always is.

Ah, but number two is even more special. It involves bigotry, another thing that drives Trump and his party. Republicans always need a target. Once it was Jews. Once it was Catholics, Once it was people with beards. They were proclaimed communists. Then there were people with long hair. They were communists too. Back in 1968, the Republican Party began whole heartedly seizing the hate of African-Americans, called Negroes back then, away from the southern wing of the Democratic Party. Eventually, George Wallace got shot and Harry Byrd more or less recanted and stayed but, mission accomplished. Next it was "the Gays." Now there's a particular hate being reserved for our transgender brothers and sisters. Republicans just can't stop themselves. It's in their essence. You'd think they would run out of targets, but no...

So, what is it now? Where do republicans direct their psychosis and sociopathy? What, besides giving Americans more cancer and handing out our tax dollars to billionaire donors, can the republicans come up with? What other chance to take advantage of the pandemic is there? No, I'm not talking about the looting of the U.S. treasury or physically poisoning people. No, there's a whole new segment of the population to hit! It's the Chinese-Americans! A godsend for endemic republican hate and once again their Dear Leader led the way by becoming a stochastic terrorist and trying to incite Republican hate against Chinese-Americans by labeling and therefore marketing the coronavirus as the "Chinese virus" and his FOX "News" brown shirts instantly picked it up and followed suit, spitting out the word China when discussing the virus on their polluted airwaves. It wasn't enough for them that they had already spent so much energy telling their viewers that there was nothing to worry about that the whole coronavirus thing was "a Democrat hoax."

The result has been their desired uptick in hate crimes against Asian-Americans, just as the also hated FBI warned about. Here in New York, we've had repeated incidents of abuse directed at Asia-American citizens for just riding the subways and for just wearing the masks that we all should be wearing. In a classic example of the divide and conquer goal of stochastic terrorism, an African-American man was filmed spraying an Asian-American man with what appeared to be a can of disinfectant. How much do you wanna bet that the clip has become the most popular gif in the White House, a real guaranteed laff-o-matic whenever Moscow Mitch or some other goon comes over for hamberders or Chick-fil-A? Kellyanne and Stephen Miller probably even have it on a T-shirt. Nationwide, hate crimes against Asian-Americans have now surpassed 1000 in number and that's with only counts in 32 or the 50 states. In Texas, a family of three was stabbed, including 2 small children. We're at a pace approaching 100 a day now. Make America Great Again.

Jeez, next thing you know, some Trump fan/FOX devotee will be riding around in a van completely covered with MAGA and FOX stickers and he'll be mailing out pipe bombs to every Chinese-American he can find.


On March 21st, the pastor who leads the Trump cabinet's bible study group, a kook named Ralph Drollinger, claimed that the existence and spread of the coronavirus is due to "a proclivity towards lesbianism and homosexuality" and the "religion of environmentalism." Drollinger claims that these groups are "largely responsible" for God's wrath against America. Drollinger's ministry seeks to evangelize Washington officials and he has a large following among Senators, Congresspersons, and other officials, including, as previously mentioned, the Trump cabinet. This is your current government folks. This is your current White House, a den of jihadist hate in America if there ever was one. The Trump cultists corrupt and twist the Bible just like the Middle East terrorists corrupt and twist the Koran. The membership for Drollinger's weekly bible studies includes Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, Education Secretarry Betsy DeVos, and Health Secretary Alex Azar. All are members not just of Trump's cabinet but Trump's coronavirus task force.

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At 3:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Trump is in office and that the "Democrats" are completely unable to do anything about him only points out that this nation is done.


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