Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Guest Post By Mayo Pete


Everyone I know has come to absolutely hate Mayo Pete, mostly due to the fact that he's a plastic phony careerist running for president because of himself, not because of the American people. Was he always such a creep? When he was a senior in high school closeted young Pete won the John F Kennedy Presidential Library's annual Profiles in Courage Essay Contest. This was Mayo Pete in 2000. Please read it and then hink about how far backwards he's fallen in 20 years!
In this century, there are a daunting number of important issues which are to be confronted if we are to progress as a nation. Each must be addressed thoroughly and energetically. But in order to accomplish the collective goals of our society, we must first address how we deal with issues. We must reexamine the psychological and political climate of American politics. As it stands, our future is at risk due to a troubling tendency toward cynicism among voters and elected officials. The successful resolution of every issue before us depends on the fundamental question of public integrity.

A new attitude has swept American politics. Candidates have discovered that it is easier to be elected by not offending anyone rather than by impressing the voters. Politicians are rushing for the center, careful not to stick their necks out on issues. Most Democrats shy away from the word “liberal” like a horrid accusation. Republican presidential hopeful George W. Bush uses the centrist rhetoric of “compassionate conservatism” while Pat Buchanan, once considered a mainstream Republican, has been driven off the ideological edge of the GOP. Just as film producers shoot different endings and let test audiences select the most pleasing, some candidates run “test platforms” through sample groups to see which is most likely to win before they speak out on a major issue. This disturbing trend reveals cynicism, a double-sided problem, which is perhaps the greatest threat to the continued success of the American political system.

Cynical candidates have developed an ability to outgrow their convictions in order to win power. Cynical citizens have given up on the election process, going to the polls at one of the lowest rates in the democratic world. Such an atmosphere inevitably distances our society from its leadership and is thus a fundamental threat to the principles of democracy. It also calls into question what motivates a run for office-- in many cases, apparently, only the desire to occupy it. Fortunately for the political process, there remain a number of committed individuals who are steadfast enough in their beliefs to run for office to benefit their fellow Americans. Such people are willing to eschew political and personal comfort and convenience because they believe they can make a difference. One outstanding and inspiring example of such integrity is the country’s only independent congressman, Vermont’s Bernie Sanders.

Sanders’s courage is evident in the first word he uses to describe himself: “socialist.” In a country where “communism” is still the dirtiest of ideological dirty words, in a climate where even liberalism is considered radical, and socialism is immediately and perhaps willfully confused with communism, a politician dares to call himself a socialist? He does indeed. Here is someone who has “looked into his own soul” and expressed an ideology, the endorsement of which, in today’s political atmosphere, is analogous to a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Even though he has lived through a time in which an admitted socialist could not act in a film, let alone hold a congressional seat, Sanders is not afraid to be candid about his political persuasion.

After numerous political defeats in his traditionally Republican state, Sanders won the office of mayor of Burlington by ten votes. A successful and popular mayor, he went on to win Vermont’s one congressional seat in 1990. Since then, he has taken many courageous and politically risky stands on issues facing the nation. He has come under fire from various conservative religious groups because of his support for same-sex marriages. His stance on gun control led to NRA-organized media campaigns against him. Sanders has also shown creativity in organizing drug-shopping trips to Canada for senior citizens to call attention to inflated drug prices in the United States.

While impressive, Sanders’s candor does not itself represent political courage. The nation is teeming with outspoken radicals in one form or another. Most are sooner called crazy than courageous. It is the second half of Sanders’s political role that puts the first half into perspective: he is a powerful force for conciliation and bipartisanship on Capitol Hill. In Profiles in Courage, John F. Kennedy wrote that “we should not be too hasty in condemning all compromise as bad morals. For politics and legislation are not matters for inflexible principles or unattainable ideals.” It may seem strange that someone so steadfast in his principles has a reputation as a peacemaker between divided forces in Washington, but this is what makes Sanders truly remarkable. He represents President Kennedy’s ideal of “compromises of issues, not of principles.”

Sanders has used his unique position as the lone independent congressman to help Democrats and Republicans force hearings on the internal structure of the International Monetary Fund, which he sees as excessively powerful and unaccountable. He also succeeded in quietly persuading reluctant Republicans and President Clinton to ban the import of products made by underage workers. Sanders drew some criticism from the far left when he chose to grudgingly endorse President Clinton’s bids for election and reelection as president. Sanders explained that while he disagreed with many of Clinton’s centrist policies, he felt that he was the best option for America’s working class.

Sanders’s positions on many difficult issues are commendable, but his real impact has been as a reaction to the cynical climate which threatens the effectiveness of the democratic system. His energy, candor, conviction, and ability to bring people together stand against the current of opportunism, moral compromise, and partisanship which runs rampant on the American political scene. He and a few others like him have the power to restore principle and leadership in Congress and to win back the faith of a voting public weary and wary of political opportunism. Above all, I commend Bernie Sanders for giving me an answer to those who say American young people see politics as a cesspool of corruption, beyond redemption. I have heard that no sensible young person today would want to give his or her life to public service. I can personally assure you this is untrue.
Goal ThermometerLet me switch gears for a moment. Blue America vets congressional candidates and one of the screens we apply is a tough one on us to get it right. We want to know how courageous candidates will be when they confront the swamp that is Congress. Sure, we expect all of our candidates to be good on issues-- like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal, for example-- but political courage is essential. We made a grievous error at one time-- until recently in fact-- by assuming that someone has been in the military and had shown courage there, they would do the same in Congress. The vets among the Class of 2018 are among the most cowardly, in a political sense, we have ever observed. Most of them are more prone to do what they're told by the House leadership and to calculate political career advantage than ever take any kind of a principled stand. I have seen the polar opposite of freshmen veterans like Max Rose, Elaine Luria, Gil Cisneros, Chrissy Houlahan, Jason Crow and Jared Golden-- the biggest disappointment since we endorsed him based on what we thought was courageousness. We've revamped the screening process and I doubt a Jared Golden would ever slip through again. Meanwhile, apropo of nothing, I wanted to pass along that among a super-courageous bunch of candidates, the one that has amazed me consistently and the most often in terms of courageousness is Eva Putzova. I also noticed that Blue America members are probably seeing something like that too, since she had gotten the most in contributions through our members. She deserves the help. If you haven't chipped in yet-- or if you want to give more... that's what the thermometer is for. Oh-- and look who else noticed this week:

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At 9:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This shit might as well have been written by "justice" Roberts.

"As it stands, our future is at risk due to a troubling tendency toward cynicism among voters and elected officials."

horse shit! Our future is at risk because of 65 million complete morons who are gullible and vote -- for the next 'worst democrap candidate ever'. pete is hoping HE is that next worst democrap ever, just so he can get elected.
Our future is also at risk because of the cynicism of 80 million or so who don't vote and have NOBODY and NOTHING to vote FOR, thanks to the democrap party being the only "opposition" to the Nazis. It's not a tendency. It's a very understandable consequence of the utter vacuum of worthwhile people (and a party) to vote for.
our future is at risk because of the total corruption and indifference to the people of our elected officials, not their cynicism.
mostly, though, our future is condemned because we keep electing the same assholes over and over again in spite of their corruption and indifference.

you see, our future is toast because WE MAKE IT SO!

"Sanders’s candor does not itself represent political courage. The nation is teeming with outspoken radicals in one form or another."

I bet you fell for this horse shit too. First he tells two half-truths -- Bernie seems to exhibit candor... and he also has proved himself the ultimate in political cowardice, by endorsing his opposite in '16 and vowing to do so again in 6 months after he is defrauded AGAIN by the DNC.
But he then equates Bernie with an 'outspoken radical', which is horse shit.

What Bernie is espousing has already been done, to great success. He simply wants to build upon that success. That is not radical at all.
What should be considered radical is the utter corruption, evangelical neoliberalism and fascism that pete loves so dearly. It's radical because it has always proved to be disastrous whenever and wherever it has been implemented. Yet here we are doing it again.

So... pete wants you to believe that what has proved for decades to work spectacularly is... radical.

The implication is that the corrupt neoliberal fascism that pete loves is "moderate" or some other lie. And the implication is that you should vote for moderate rather than radical.

A very republican/Nazi method to make shit-for-brains think they way they want so you vote the way they want.

why would they not do this ... it works. to our eternal disgrace.

At 2:36 AM, Blogger joejimtree said...

I can't get beyond the fact that this won a prestigious prize for a high school kid. It was dull writing, absent of creativity, as though he thinks because he's found himself an outlier it makes his subject interesting, himself. It's formulaic, and reads like he found someone to be his "profile in courage" and did the required research to write a paper.

Perhaps he did or didn't believe what he was writing. He was trying to win a prize.

At 4:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To me, the creepiest part of that brown nosing, prize seeking essay was the self congratulatory conclusion:

"I have heard that no sensible young person today would want to give his or her life to public service. I can personally assure you this is untrue."

The smarmy little creep was already thinking about running for President when he was in high school, just like Bill Clinton.

At 8:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Just as film producers shoot different endings and let test audiences select the most pleasing, some candidates run “test platforms” through sample groups to see which is most likely to win before they speak out on a major issue."

Sounds like he was describing his own approach twenty years hence.


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