Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Blue No Matter Who? Very Bad Idea-- And One That Allows The Status Quo-Loving Establishment To Push The Democratic Party Further Right


Voters to candidates: tell us what you are going to do for us and our families and how you're going to do it. We do not care about your offing bullshit made-up fund-raising deadlines. Seems simple, right? But most DCCC candidates can't get it through their heads. They really have nothing positive to offer, so they bombard us with asinine e-mails about their deadlines.

Let's look at two e-mails that came to my box yesterday. The first was from worthless Blue Dog Kendra Horn of Oklahoma City, sho got into Congress and voted against progressive initiatives more than almost any other Democrat in the House. She has an "F" from ProgressivePunch and the 3rd worst voting record among House Dems:

Her e-mail reflection the "vision" of her her fellow DCCC-Blue Dogs and has nothing to do with anyone but herself: "Urgent news: Our first fundraising deadline of 2020 is this Friday."

"On top of that,"this self-absorbed turd continued, "a national dark money group launched another round of attack ads against me." Go whine to EMILY's List.

"Fighting these attacks," she wrote, "and setting the record straight is one of our top priorities-- so we really can’t miss any of our fundraising goals right now!" I bet it is. Her priorities have never once been about the people who sent her to Congress from OK-05. Kendra Horn's is one of the most wasted seats in Congress. And no-one deserves more than she does to be defeated in November. The ceaseless refrain from her and her type: "Please, will you click here to pitch in $10 to help us close our $10,000 budget gap before midnight on Friday? Our campaign is a top target for outside dark money groups, and they’ll stop at nothing to flip this seat." Ready for the big pukeworthy closing?
But with supporters like you beside me, I know we’re ready for the challenge. I know this team has what it takes to muster every ounce of grassroots support and reach every single voter in our district between now and Election Day.

Will you help make sure that happens by chipping in $10 before our deadline on Friday?
EMILY's List and the DCCC forced pitiful moron-incumbents like Horn to hire "consultants"-- highly paid ones-- to write these useless e-mails. Read it again. Is there one repulsive Blue Dog or New Dem it can't be sent out for without changing a single word?

Now this e-mail came at the same time and I guarantee you, the voice you hear is not some asshole consultant; it's a candidate who wants you to know him and wants you to know why you should contribute to his campaign. This is from Mark Gamba, the progressive mayor of Milwaukie, Oregon who's taking on one of the worst Blue Dogs ever, Kurt Schrader.

This weekend I had the honor of being endorsed by Our Revolution in Salem.

You know, I decided to run for Congress in no small part because I wanted to help Bernie Sanders take on the corporate establishment and pass laws that truly benefit the American people and our planet.

The Green New Deal is a big part of the initiatives I will champion, and so is Universal Healthcare.

Just this morning, I was listening to a broadcast on OPB that talked about the tough choices Americans are making when their insurance fails to cover the cost of life-saving prescription drugs. Folks who need epi-pens are opting to wear long sleeve shirts hoping that they will protect them from bee stings because they cannot afford the $300 generic epi-pen, much less the name brand product that costs over $600.

The problem is heartbreaking. Doctors are prescribing drugs that their patients cannot afford even with health insurance that has prescription coverage.

Medical debt is the leading cause of bankruptcy in this country and we pay over twice as much for healthcare as the average industrialized nation. Yet our health outcomes are worse than most countries in the industrialized world.

This is wrong on so many levels, but it is easy to trace the problem to its source. Mega-corps are more interested in profit than they are in people or planet. In the case of healthcare, Big Pharma and the Insurance industry are looking after their bottom line at the expense of our very lives.

I promise that I will work tirelessly to pass legislation that curbs the rapacious corporate greed costing so many Americans their futures.

My opponent may say that he is working to get cheaper life-saving drugs to market, but his voting record and financial investments tell a different story. He both invests in Big Pharma and takes campaign contributions from them. Even his oft-touted BLOCKING Act, which he claims gives generic drugs easier access to come to market does the exact opposite.

Goal ThermometerWe need people in Congress who will not be bought by the highest bidder. People who will stand for what is right in the face of seemingly limitless power and not bow down. Can I count on you to join me on this quest?

With your help we will stand shoulder to shoulder and take back our democracy. As Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said, “They have the money, but we have the people.”

All people deserve to have access to health care. It should be a human right.

I will continue to fight for it with your support.
I stuck in that Primary A Blue Dog thermometer in case you feel inspired to contribute to Mark or any of the other progressives challenging a Blue Dog or New Dem this cycle. And this Bernie tweet from this morning is a reminder that it isn't just Republican assholes who are the sworn enemies of the working class, but many from the status quo Democratic Party establishment as well, and certainly the Blue Dogs and New Dems!

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At 1:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your headline is a typo, right? You do mean "push it rightward"?

At 2:58 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

If it feels like I've been around for 15 years, it's because I have been. Yep, the Jurassic One wrote his first blog post about John Kerry and the 2004 election 15 years ago. But my rent's gone up $150 over the last decade and Mrs. JP, Popeye the cat and I need help. So if you can help us out in any way possible, please do so. There are Paypal links on my site.

At 2:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The headline shows you may almost get it. the calls for support of "better" democraps shows you still don't.

no number of "betters" will change the party. there will be Pelosi or an heir as house tyrant; scummer or heir as (maybe, temporary) senate tyrant. Both tyrants make sure the corrupt neoliberal fascist status quo is maintained. AOC and Bernie (for decades) couldn't do shit. nobody can do shit.

voters electing a couple more near-AOCs? won't do shit.

the democrap party moving ever rightward is like the climate getting ever-warmer. the resonance is baked into the system forever. No amount of faux give-a-shit by voters will change it. not now. not ever.

you want to change things? you have to blow it up and completely change things. there is no other way.

unwilling to do that? get used to a warmer, more Nazified world.

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At 8:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Rip Van 1:08! Have a nice nap? You should be quite rested after being asleep for 40 years!


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