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The Plague Of Trumpism Is Predatory, Of Course-- But Also Cannibalistic



Elizabeth Warren was in tiny Kermit, West Virginia yesterday, where she and her message were warmly received. The media dubbed it Trump Country. Politico's story headed it like this: Trump backers applaud Warren in heart of MAGA country. And it is true that Mingo County voters went strongly for Trump in November of 2016. Trump beat Hillary there, 83.2% to 14.4%. But guess what they had done on primary day. Mingo into Trump Country; it's Bernie Country. On primary day, Hillary came in third with 1,074 votes. Bernie came in first among Mingo voters with 2,425. In fact, Bernie beat Trump that day too. Trump trounced Ted Cruz (56), John Kasich (22), Ben Carson (14), Marco Rubio (14), Mike Huckabee (8), Jeb Bush (7), Rand Paul (6), Carly Fiorina (2) and poor Chris Christie (1). Yeah Trump's 1,161 votes was more than all the Republicans combined. Impressive. But remember how many Mingo voters pulled the lever for Bernie that day? 2,425-- more than double Trump's vote-- more than double all the Republicans' votes combined. Mingo County is Bernie Country. But don't tell the media; they'll never stop calling it MAGA Country anyway. Or anti-Hillary Country or Anti-Establishment Country. Hillary offered them nothing and they returned the favor. Not only did Bernie beat her and Trump on primary day. Bernie's primary voters were nearly twice as many as Hillary's in November!

Biden has nothing to offer them either. Want to see a replay of 2016? Help nominate Biden. These are desperate people, desperate for change, not desperate for Calvin Biden Collidge's "return to normalcy." He's talking about the "normalcy" that gave Trump 83% of Mingo County's vote.

True, there are some Trump supporters who are too stupid and too racist to change their ways. But those aren't the ones that Elizabeth Warren and Bernie are appealing to. They're not pursuing the voters Hillary awkwardly tagged as deplorables. They're pursuing the working families looking out for their own interest and understood the establishment politicians don't represent them. It was either a sure loser for them (Hillary) or a likely loser (Trump). They went with Trump and he didn't deliver anything besides a circus and an outlet for their anger and resentments. Yesterday Michael Brice-Saddler, reporting for the Washington Post, laid out the intellectually under-developed Trump voters who will never abandon him-- not even if they get robbed.

In fact that's what Brice-Saddler was reporting-- a robbery of pathetic moron Trumpists. Remember Brian Kolfage, some random xenophobe and obvious hustler, who started a Trump-approved GoFundMe page to build the wall that first Mexico and then Congress refused to pay for? About 5 months ago, yelling about "too many illegals... taking advantage of the United States taxpayers," Kolfage raised $20 million in just a few days. How stupid does someone have to be? Their evangelical pastors have them well-trained to be just that stupid. Kolfage was aiming for a billion dollars to build Trump's wall for a "fraction of what it costs the government." How'd that work out for the morons?
“I am very disappointed in you Brian Kolfage, where are the progress photographs?” one woman posted to the We Build The Wall Facebook page.

“Quit talking about it and do it,” another commented.

“I’ve been away for FIVE months,” one person tweeted in April. “When’s the groundbreaking?”

Reporting on the apparent lack of progress on the private wall, published early Friday by the Daily Beast, drew criticism from Kolfage. The veteran called out the story’s author, Will Sommer, who indicated he’s repeatedly asked Kolfage for proof they were close to a groundbreaking.

“Omg this is PERFECT timing by the liberal rag news site. They are about to look more stupid than @hillaryclinton on election night 2016!” Kolfage wrote. “I guaranteed we would build the wall... and I’ll leave it at that!"

Kolfage did not respond to an email and message from the Washington Post requesting comment Friday. While the nonprofit has floated various groundbreaking dates in the past, it’s not exactly clear when, or if, construction will begin.

“We should be turning dirt on this thing by May 1, June 1 at the latest, according to our experts,” Kolfage told Politico in February. In a March 21 interview with American Family Radio, however, the veteran asserted they were going to “start breaking ground” in April.

n the interview, Kolfage said his nonprofit had identified eight locations to build along the border, but failed to name them, stating that his efforts could be thwarted by liberals if they were revealed.

“I wish I could name where it’s at, but we can’t name it because of the ACLU, these other liberal groups who want to sue us and impede our progress,” he said. “But it’s actually happening, the process is happening . . . the project is moving forward.”

He continued, “But as soon as we start breaking ground, we’ll be putting that information out there to show the American people what they’re doing.”

Kolfage has previously indicated that We Build The Wall Inc. seeks to develop segments of the wall on private property, which he told The Washington Post in January would cost $2 million to $3 million per mile. His GoFundMe says he’s visited the border to scope out potential sites and negotiate with private land owners. Kolfage has also enlisted the help of several high-profile politicians, among them former White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon and Kris Kobach, the former Secretary of State for Kansas, who sit on the group’s advisory board.

Back in January, Kobach told the New York Times they’d hopefully be breaking ground “within weeks.”

Some critics noted Kolfage was accused of shady behavior in the past, including allegations of misusing funds he raised. NBC and BuzzFeed investigations earlier this year alleged that Kolfage peddled false articles and conspiracy theories with the intent of harvesting reader email addresses. The purported scheme would draw people back to his websites and Facebook pages, generating hundreds of thousands in advertising revenue, Buzzfeed reported.

Facebook removed several of the pages he operated last year, according to NBC, in a purge of pages that were used to “drive traffic to their websites.” In response, Kolfage created a new campaign, “Fight4FreeSpeech,” which also accepts donations.

BuzzFeed looked into Kolfage’s previous crowdfunding efforts, which included an initiative to mentor wounded veterans at military hospitals-- among them Walter Reed and Brooke Army Medical Center. He raised thousands for the project, according to BuzzFeed, but spokespersons for the medical facilities told the outlet they have no record of him working at the hospitals or donating money.

Asked about the story in January, Kolfage told The Post that BuzzFeed “100 percent lied” and had fabricated the investigation to slander him. He said the money was raised to cover his travel expenses, and that he only used them for that purpose.

On Friday, many supporters of Kolfage called the Daily Beast story fake news intended to stymie donations. We Build The Wall occasionally replied in agreement, reassuring commenters the wall was on its way.

“This is what we call FAKE NEWS,” they wrote in a post. “We didn’t stop anything and we are full steam ahead. The wall is being built."

As of Friday night, the group said they’ll be breaking ground “shortly.”

In a separate comment, one woman indicated she’d heard enough.

“Saying it doesn’t get it done,” she wrote late Friday. “Do it.”
The kinds of Trump voters who were part of those twenty million dollars that will never build a wall... they will always be Trump voters. As will the die-hard racists and xenophobes. Forget them. There are plenty of normal Trump voters-- some of whom judged Hillary to be the greater evil-- and who now are open to helping rid the country of the plague of Trumpism.

And if you're trying to reassure your increasingly angry investors, who have started catching on that they've been had, that they can trust you because Steve Bannon and Kris Kobach are in on the deal... you certainly know exactly how dumb and how gullible your investors really are. HARDER, DADDY!

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At 2:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The plague of AMERICANISM is predatory, cannibalistic and completely indifferent to the suffering it causes. Americanism, the unbounded greed and hatreds of all others (in fact, inventing more categories to put other people into so you can hate them) plus pandemic stupidity allows the very few to feed on all the rest.
And as the lives of the many get harder, they are convinced that it is the fault of those "others" instead of those they elected to help.

Both Nazis and democraps are in on this. And all of their voters plus those who have had no reason to vote for 2 generations are the victims and the objects of their various hatreds.

"There are plenty of normal Trump voters-- some of whom judged Hillary to be the greater evil-- and who now are open to helping rid the country of the plague of Trumpism."

Horse shit! The best intentioned of trump voters are verifiably dumber than shit. The only way you can call them normal is if you've admitted that all americans, collectively, are the dumbest motherfuckers in the history of earth.

Besides, polling shows that somewhere around 90 million americans (his poll of .39 * 220 m adults = 86 m.. sorry for the math-n-shit) support trump. But he only got 62 million votes.

At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It should be a slam dunk for real Democrats to regain control of the nation. But we have only corporatist democraps available. Their track record since Reagan has been abysmal, and I marvel that the nation hadn't completely collapsed prior to this last national election. There is little reason to believe that survival past the Trump regime is guaranteed, primarily because so few Americans care to do anything to make it happen - especially prodding the democraps to get moving on investigating Trump's crimes as outlined by Mueller for starters. Impeachment, while desirable, is understandably a waste of effort. Expose the cockroach!

At 6:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

2:50, all current 'real' democraps *ARE* corrupt corporatists. The fake ones are the likes of AOC... and there are fewer than a dozen in total.

They are what they are... and one wonders why AOC chooses to be among them. She's a fish riding a bicycle in that party.


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