Sunday, June 10, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah


We all know how Trump loves to cover his walls with fake Time Magazine covers that promote his ego and tell his visitors how wonderful he is. He cheats reality itself, just like he reportedly cheats at golf. We all also know that he views himself as some sort of elected king. In his very sick head, he even thinks it would be great if he could be president, or king, for life. If that ever happens, the world (outside of his demented party) will pray that his remaining life is very, very short. Trump as a king would also mean that America had tragically come full circle and reverted to the pre-1776 days when we were under the rule of England's King George III who's decrees and actions fell into the category of what was then and still is known as "the madness of King George."

We already have the madness of President Donald, a morally bankrupt, squealing little pig of a man joyfully rolls around in reeking sleaze and daily scandals, and who dreams of being our king. He looks in the mirror, and sees that king, the king of his delusional dreams, the king who praises sleazebag and stark raving mad surrogates like Scott Pruitt, Rudy Giuliani, and his own daughter as they emulate him in multiple ways.

A year and a half into the Trump administration, things are bad enough that Time can publish their new cover and have it not be an exaggerated depiction of our reality but a restrained depiction of it.

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