Friday, May 11, 2018

How The GOP Hopes To Save Their House Majority-- Trumpanzee Jr, Adelson's Gambling Money And... Not Much Else


When people wanted to think Trump could turn into a normal president after the election-- fools-- there was speculation that he would put together an awesome, historic, bipartisan infrastructure plan that would unite the country. Instead, Trump, Ryan and McConnell decided to go for the tax scam for GOP donors, something that certainly killed any chance for a significant infrastructure effort. The tax scam also turned out to be a blow to the GOIP's slender hopes to holds onto power in Congress, something an infrastructure bill might have helped them accomplish. Señor Trumpanzee's campaign promise to "build the next generation of roads, bridges, railways, tunnels, sea ports and airports that our country deserves" was just more hot air and bullshit from the ultimate con-man.

So how are they going to persuade themselves they're going to hold onto Congress? Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that Miss McConnell suggested everyone get booked on Fox as often as possible. Sure, that's gonna do it. And Jonathan Swan reported something even more absurd: Jr. to the rescue. No really. Trumpanzee Jr. "is preparing to dive into the 2018 midterm elections."

Swan (with a straight face): "He wants to use his influence within the Republican base to 'expand our majority in the Senate and protect our majority in the House,' said a source close to the president's son. Expect Don Jr. to be raising money for Republican candidates and staging rallies. DTJ "offered to come down [to West Virginia] and campaign with Morrisey to defeat Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin." He also plans to dazzle the voters in Missouri, Montana and Indiana. "Jr. said he believes his brand of 'MAGA conservatism'-- pro-gun, anti-media, anti-establishment-- could make a difference in turning out the base in these states." He's even staffing up for his new hobby.

Meanwhile right-wing, mob-connected casino mogul, Sheldon Adelson, will funnel some of his Chinese profits into an effort to save the House. Jake Sherman and Alex Isenstadt reported yesterday that the GOP-sugar daddy wrote Paul Ryan a $30 million check for his Congressional Leadership Fund. Just like the founding fathers foresaw, right? Ryan and his team flew to Vegas to lick Adelson's assat his gaudy Venetian Hotel to get the dough.
As a federally elected official, Ryan is not permitted to solicit seven-figure political donations. When Ryan (R-WI) left the room, Coleman made the ask and secured the $30 million contribution.

CLF did not respond to requests for comment. The contribution will become public later this month in the organization's campaign finance filing.

Coleman said he would not discuss his dealings with Adelson.

...The $30 million contribution is three times as much as Adelson gave to CLF in 2016. And the cash comes much earlier in the cycle: In 2016, Adelson gave CLF $10 million in August, as the campaign headed into the homestretch.

Party officials have been paying Adelson their respects. In February, a number of House Republicans made their annual sojourn to Las Vegas to attend the annual retreat hosted by the Republican Jewish Coalition, an organization that Adelson helps to fund. Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) addressed the conference, and Ryan spoke by teleconference to a meeting of the group’s board.

CLF is one part of a two-pronged political organization designed to protect and bolster House Republicans. CLF is a super PAC, and the American Action Network is a nonprofit that boosts center-right policies. Ryan, and John Boehner before him, have backed the groups.

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At 6:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That same last pic could just as easily have had a black or woman or Hispanic or DWT on the left... same guy on the right.

Just hit me. I wonder what DWT will say if the DxCCs actually succeed in losing this anti-red wave and in keeping their slim MINORITY positions in both chambers...

I'm thinking it'll be with even MORE impassioned calls for supporting those BA-endorsed but hapless 'craps.

It certainly won't be any kind of introspection-inspired mea-culpa and epiphany and some kind of move to a different party. Nah. That would be too hard.

At 6:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Nazi party may not need anything else. They have the democraps who seem to WANT to lose.

After the 2008 crash and election, the Nazi party was close to dead and buried. They suffered another Hoover-like period of total ineptitude in dealing with that crash; their dubious pair went from up 6 to down 5 in 2 months; and the resulting congress was their biggest majority since FDR.

The prez was skilled rhetorically and viewed (naively) as a progressive. That Congress was elected for the sole purpose of fixing everything. If there ever was a time when good could slay evil, it was then. The ball was the size of barry bonds' head and it was all teed up. All the hitter had to do was swing. Couldn't miss. The Nazi party should now be sleeping with the Whigs.

But our 'hopey changey' poser and our seminal congress REFUSED to swing... or even touch a bat. They made things worse instead of better and the Nazi party, refreshed and even further to the right, came out ahead again in only 2 years.

Almost all in that democrap party that took a dive in 2008 are still there and planning to take another dive in 2018.

epiphany yet? no? oh well.

At 8:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Picking up where 6:53 left off, obamanation did have the GOP supine and helpless. But being the naive boy scout that he is, he held out his hand to help them up off the floor. He dusted them off, and then handed them his Grand Bargain to help repair their damaged reputation as the defenders of fascist corporatism at the expense of We the People and our elder-year economic security.

Recall how well that worked out in 2010, when the GOP retook the Congress. If the GOP really was a smart as they believe they are, they would have run a good candidate in 2012 and plastered obamanation all over the pavements of Hyde Park.

The incompetence of the fascist corporatists is the only reason any "democrats" continue to hold office. Adolph's Gleichschaltung was essentially in place during the same timespan that the fascist corporatists have had total control of the US Federal government. There would now be no such thing as "democrats" if Adolph was running today's GOP.

That is the only reason that a glimmer of hope remains no matter how quickly it is fading due to the "democrats" losing the support of We the People before the midterms.

At 6:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To augment 8:23, you want to know why obamanation and the 'craps resurrected the Nazi party?

They needed them all in the senate to be against everything that the 'craps PRETENDED to do so it could be filibustered. The 'crap caucus had 10 or so fakes who all took turns joining filibusters so that they could lamely appear to try to address some of that mandate but also appear to fail, and could blame the evil Nazis for that failure. But remember always that it still took 'crap participation in that conspiracy.

The rest of the obamanation failures are all his own. From g'itmo, torture, wars, drones, refusal to prosecute $20 trillion in bank fraud, deportations, privatization, xxFTAs, to leading from behind on such things as marriage equality... all those failures and refusals are his and his alone. Of his 8 years as unitary, 7.5 of them were total waste and regression. His 6 months of trying to build something of a legacy via EO were undone by trump in 100 days.

Bottom line here is this: The Nazis do NOT need the 'craps because they proudly own their evil.
The 'craps still need to pretend to be altruists, so they NEED the Nazis as their excuse for their failure.


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