Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Huge Swing Away From Republicans In Wisconsin Yesterday


Tuesday's big loser in Wisconsin-- Scott Walker

Once enough of the votes were counted in Wisconsin for Scott Walker to understand what was happening Tuesday night, the Koch Brothers-created governor warned that the state was looking at a blue wave in November. Liberal Democrat Rebecca Dallet crushed his hand-picked right wing Republican Michael Screnock 555,196 (56%) to 440,235 (44%) for the open Republican Supreme Court seat. It was a miserable night for the GOP-- and not just in liberal bastions like Madison and Milwaukee. Below are the counties where Dallet did exceptionally well and the bolded counties indicate where Trump had victories in 2016:
Dane- 81%
La Crosse- 67%
Milwaukee- 66%
Iowa- 66%
Bayfield- 65%
Eau Claire- 64%
Douglas- 63%
Menominee- 63%
Portage- 62%
Green 62%
Door- 62%
Rock- 61%
Crawford- 58%
Winnebago- 57%
Kenosha- 57%
Vernon- 57%
Columbia- 56%
Sauk- 56%
Outagamie- 56%
Jackson- 56%
Trempealeau- 56%
Lafayette- 55%
Dunn- 55%
Grant 55%
Brown- 55%
Pierce- 54%
Richland- 54%
Outagamie- 56%
Oneida- 53%
Wood- 52%
Lincoln- 51%
Pepin- 51%
Chippewa- 51%
St Croix- 50%
Manitowoc- 50%
Marathon- 50%
Wood- 52%
The swing away from Trump was enormous. Not a single county that had voted for Hillary voted for Screnock. But two dozen Trump counties voted for Dallet! That's what Walker was talking about when he said "blue wave." Look, for example, at Door County, the peninsula northwest of Green Bay. Walker has been fighting tooth and nail to prevent a special election on the Door Peninsula (Senate District 1) to fill Republican Frank Lasee's seat. But he was overruled by the courts and the special election is scheduled for June 12. In 2016, Door County picked Bernie over Hillary 6,243 (57.9%) to 4,501 (41.8%)-- and on the same day Trump's 2,948 votes was a very poor showing, a harbinger of how Bernie is going to take him apart in 2020. In November Trump still managed to beat Hillary in Door County 8,584 (49.3%) to 8,026 (46.1%). Voters seem to have expressed quite a bit of buyers' remorse Tuesday, giving Dallet a massive 62-38% win. That kind of swing is the definition of a tsunami... and the end of plenty of Republican political careers.

This gives Democrats hope that state Rep. Dana Wachs could replace Walker in November and that Tammy Baldwin will beat Kevin Nicholson in the Senate race. And great Lt. Governor candidate, Mandela Barnes, is likely to beat Rebecca Kleefisch. There are also 3 Republican congressional seats in jeopardy of flipping blue as long as the DCCC doesn't interfere and screw thing top, as they usually do in Wisconsin:
WI-01- Democrat Randy Bryce is likely to beat Paul Ryan
WI-06- Democrat Dan Kohl has a good shot to beat Glenn Grothman
WI-07- Democrat Kyle Frenette has a good chance of beating Sean Duffy

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At 6:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marathon County, WI resident here.

I need to mention that these results don't mention that we had a historic snowstorm yesterday as well. In other words, Democrats came out despite terrible weather and lousy driving conditions. Wausau area had 11 inches!

At 6:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job, Badgers! You just might inspire me to resume saying good things about you.

At 6:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WI SC still 5-2 Nazi. Not sure what all the fuss is about. Anti-red wave has plenty of time to peter out. I just saw that trump's approvals almost reached half.

This nation is just too stupid to presume anything as far ahead as November.

At 6:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"WI SC still 5-2 Nazi."

I'm afraid that is not correct. It WAS 5-2. It is now 4-3 Repub. The biggest problem here is getting our folks out to the polls. It was why Bernie was so popular, but Hillary, meh. If you stand for something, people will come out.

I will also note that on our ballot was a Repub. sponsored initiative to eliminate the State Treasurer. (It would have allowed Walker to circumvent oversight, etc...) That initiative went down in flames 61% to 38%. In your face Snotty.

At 7:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

4-3 is still a safe majority. Nothing will be changed in your court.

When does walker get re-elected? Isn't it this year?

Another validation that the wave is NOT blue-positive. Look at the title of this article. "swing AWAY FROM...".


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