Thursday, November 10, 2016

How Does The DCCC Lose Districts With Over 50% Latino Residents? It's A Talent That's Taken Years For Them To Perfect


Why wouldn't you want to vote for a crook like Joe?

Last night we saw how Hispanic voters in Southern California helped two progressive women, Nanette Barragan and Eloise Reyes, beat heavily favored establishment Democrats, respectively Isadore Hall and Cheryl Brown. In Nevada, massive Latino turn-out won Nevada for Hillary Clinton, Katherine Cortez Masto for an open Senate seat, Ruben Kihuen and Jacky Rosen in two congressional seats and both houses of the state legislature.

Going into Tuesday's elections there were 7 congressional districts with over 50% Latino populations that were represented by Republicans. And today there are 7 congressional districts with over 50% Latino populations that are represented by Republicans. How is that possible? These are the districts:
FL-27- Ileana Ros-Lehtinen- 76%
CA-21- David Valadao- 74%
FL-25- Mario Diaz-Balart- 71%
FL-26- Carlos Curbelo- 69%
TX-23- Will Hurd- 68%
NM-02- Steve Pearce- 53%
TX-27- Blake Farenthold- 52%
Let's start with the fact that of the 7, the DCCC only even contested 3 races: CA-21, FL-26 and TX-23. The three candidates, respectively, Michael Eggman, Joe Garcia and Pete Gallego all ran-- and lost-- in 2014, Garcia and Gallego as tarnished conservative incumbents. The two of them had nothing new to offer the voters who rejected them in 2014 and they rejected them again, although at great cost to the DCCC. This is what the DCCC and Pelosi's House Majority PAC spent, ineffectively, on each one of these candidates.
FL-26- $6,101,294
TX-23- $5,301,699
CA-10- $4,708,313
They all lost. I did't visit any of these districts in the last year so I have no specific, first-hand knowledge of how incompetently the DCCC spent their money. But I did visit a somewhat similar district in L.A. County, CA-25, a district with a slight Democratic voter advantage and a population that is 38% Latino. The DCCC recruited some outsider from Orange County or Beverly Hills, Bryan Caforio, pushed him through the primary against a local aspirant and then spent $3,176,482 against the Republican opponent, Steve Knight. And I saw how incompetently they spent there money there. The ran broadcast TV from Caforio throughout the L.A. Basin. On TV ads, you pay for eye balls reached-- the more eye balls, the more it costs. CA-25 has about 750,000 people. Each time the ad ran, it reached, potentially, 20 million people. You pay for 20 million pairs of eyes to reach less than 200,000 voters.

Why would they waste millions and millions of dollars on that kind of advertising? Ahh... that's why I talk about DCCC revolving door corruption. Those millions of dollars aren't meant to elect anyone-- nor do they; those dollars are meant to grease the revolving door for DCCC staffers and line their pockets over several election cycles.

Ilene Ros-Lehtinen is still represents a blue district. Obama won it in 2012 with 53%. I don't have the district breakdown yet but in 2012 Obama won Miami-Dade County with 540,776 votes (62%). Tuesday, Hillary did even better-- 623,006 votes (63.66%). Ros-Lehtinen won 157,763 votes (54.91%) against a weak, useless putative Democrat, Scott Fuhrman. The DCCC didn't support him. He's another Patrick Murphy spoiled rich kid and he self-financed his campaign to the tune of $694,718 and spent $759,468 to Ros-Lehtinen's $2,944,610. Until the DCCC gets serious about ignoring Wasserman Schultz and recruiting a top-notch candidate, they'll never take back FL-27, no matter how blue it gets.

The DCCC completely ignored the Democratic candidates running against Diaz-Balart, Pearce and Farenthold and each of the challengers got around 38% of the vote. Roy Barrera, who ran against Farenthold raised $20,405 and Alina Valdes, who ran against Diaz-Balart, only raised $36,442. Neither got any help from the DCCC or any other component of the Democratic establishment.

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At 11:54 PM, Blogger Cirze said...

Thanks for documenting why I quit donating to the Dims years ago.

Alan Grayson, Roy Cooper, Ann Ross and a few others got my money this time.

The few pennies I've been left with after the victories of the Big Dims.

Again, thanks for your efforts.

At 6:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do they do it?

1) betray latinos with deeds for 36 years
2) run a corrupt neoliberal neocon lying sack of feces for president and pick a bank fellating corrupt whore for veep.
3) pick (read: buy) bad congressional candidates
4) run "strategic" targeted campaigns leaving a lot of the candidates flapping in the breeze (and if you don't think a lot of volunteers and voters talk across district/state lines... you're an idiot)
5) lose
6) lay on your backs for the new fascist fuhrer and his old fascist team
7) in 2/4 years; lather, rinse, repeat


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