Thursday, October 13, 2016

California's 2016 Propositions-- A Voter Guide


There are 17 propositions on the California ballot in November. Vote-by-mail started Monday so I figured that instead of waiting, I'd do a quick rundown of the propositions with the DWT recommendations. Candidate recommendations will be coming soon.

Vote yes.

Vote yes.

Vote no. Prop 53 is an important one to defeat. It's basically an initiative of right-wing millionaires who are trying to hijack the system so as not to pay their fair share, as usual.

Vote no.

Vote yes.

Vote yes.

Vote Yes.

Vote Yes. This one repeals the ban on bilingual education. 

Vote yes. This instructs California's elected representatives to working towards overturning Citizens United.

Vote no... I guess. I'm not 100% sure on this but it seems a little too authoritarian for comfort.

Vote yes. Prop 61 is the important one Bernie has been campaigning for. There are an awful lot of phony TV spots paid for by Big Pharma against it. It's going to mean lower drug prices. Gaius went into the importance of this proposition at the end of August.

Vote yes on 62. Ideally, I'm not opposed to the death penalty. If Justice really were blind, I'm be a bid advocate. But Justice isn't and the rich always seem to get off while the poor fry. The racial component of death penalty cases is horrifying and the main reason I oppose the death penalty in practice.

Vote yes. This will keep more guns and ammo out of the hands of people who should have neither. Example, if you are convicted of gun theft, you're not allowed to own a firearm. Does that sound too radical a notion? The initiative also strengthens background checks, always an excellent idea.

Vote yes on 64 to legalize marijuana.

Vote no. This is a really deceptive initiative-- very anti-environment but disguised as pro-environment being pushed by plastic bag manufacturers. It's meant to confuse voters who want to support Prop. 67.

Vote no.

Vote yes. This is the real pro-environment proposition.

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At 10:52 PM, Blogger Uncle Gary said...

Prop 56 will further criminalize cigarette smoking and further open up a black market that is already vibrant in California. Criminalizing any vice is a losing proposition.

Prop 64 also criminalizes Marijuana. It "controls, regulates and taxes" Marijuana.
The age of consent in prop 64 is 21, so 18 year olds can die in Obama's wars of aggression but they can't smoke pot. Right?

Can we just stop the puritanical insanity for a few years? I

At 11:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The comments posted by "Uncle Gary" are preposterous. There is no evidence that smokers are being arrested or imprisoned for smoking and no such thing would be "further criminalized" with the passage of Prop. 56. Controlling, regulating and taxing consumption has always been regarded as the appropriate role of government which is charged with the duty of protecting and promoting public safety. It therefore has nothing to do with "criminalization" and it is meaningless disinformation to characterize it this way.

At 3:34 PM, Anonymous Dorothy Reik said...

Yes on 60. AIDS can be contracted from people who test negative. It takes a while before you test positive even after you have the disease. Testing will not work.

At 8:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am voting "NO" on Prop 51 for school bonds because of the money allocated for charter schools. These are private schools taking public money with little to no oversight or regulations. Jerry Brown just vetoed a bill to regulate charters more (he owns charter schools in Oakland). Until charter schools have the same amount of regulations and standards as public schools, they should not be getting public tax money for their private enterprises. A few years ago John Deasy tried to raid the bond fund in LA for $1b for iPads. I was among those who worked to stop this boondoggle. Deasy eventually resigned, the FBI raided the LAUSD offices and Deasy hired a lawyer with expertise in bid-rigging.

Kim Kaufman


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