Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Police Problems


As we said yesterday at GOP Crackpot Candidate of the Week, Georgia state Senator Mike Crane had been favored to win the GA-03 congressional seat Lynn Westmoreland was retiring from... until he started advocating shooting policemen. Seems crazy, right? But state Senator Crane, a far right psychopath and loony ideologue who was heavily supported by the NRA, Gun Owners of America, the Tea Party, Freedom Works, Club for Growth, Ted Cruz and House Freedom Caucus chairman Jim Jordan, might not think people of color should defend themselves against police brutality but announced that even if a policeman comes onto his property with a warrant, he can be legitimately shot. The state's police organizations reacted badly and Crane lost 19,490 (46%) to 22,813 (54%).

Must have been embarrassing for Poor Ted Cruz who said "I’m proud to join thousands of Georgia conservatives in standing up for conservative principles supporting Mike Crane for Congress…I can think of no better way to send the Washington establishment a message than by supporting Mike Crane for Congress…I’m asking all Georgians-- especially voters in the Third Congressional District-- to stand with me in supporting Mike Crane."

Southeast of Georgia's third district, in central Florida's Orlando area, progressive Democrat Bob Poe is facing off against the handpicked establishment candidate, Val Demings, in a 4-way primary. The same corrupt Democratic establishment cheats who undermined and sabotaged Bernie's campaign are fully committed to the incompetent and undeserving Demings. The video up top was released as an ad by the Poe campaign last night. (Please help him get it up on television.)

This morning Poe told us that "Our district's residents deserve a really great relationship with our hardworking law enforcement officers. We have to work towards rebuilding trust, especially between police and communities of color, who unfortunately were arrested at disproportionately high rates under my opponent. It all starts with leadership and judgment. From there, we can work on additional training, body cameras, and community policing, all steps that I've called for. I believe we can have better understanding and more trust between police and our community, if we have the right leadership to get it done."

Pelosi dragged Deming up on the stage of the convention yesterday while a bunch of congresswomen who we're babbling the mantra "when women win, America wins." Whether you agree with that or not, it's worth noting that when Professor Mary Ellen Balchunis won her primary against a corrupt conservative Democrat the DCCC was pushing-- won 74-26%-- Pelosi turned her back on her and refused to acknowledge Mary Ellen as the legitimate Democratic candidate for a crucial-- even critical-- swing district in the Philly suburbs. It would have been easy for Pelosi to have had Mary Ellen up on the stage but she opted for the unqualified, easily corruptible Demings, the kind of nothing candidate the Democratic Party wants to fill party ranks with. Candidates like Bob Poe and Mary Ellen Balchunis are too independent-minded for hacks like what Pelosi has morphed into over the tragic last decade of her decline.

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