Sunday, May 08, 2016

Michael "Mikey Suits" Grimm's Wrist Slap Ends Early


The litany of criminal behavior that marked the life of Staten Island's Mafia ex-congressman, Michael Grimm, was never going to be something that became public in court. Like Al Capone, when he had finally pushed his criminal enterprises to the breaking point, the Feds put him away on a tax evasion charge. A former double agent-- working for the Gambino Crime family and the FBI-- has way too much on the FBI for a real trial for his life of crime. So a gentle wrist slap, a congressional resignation and a few months in jail was all part of a plea deal. April 27, after serving 7 of the 8 months he was sentenced to, his was freed-- although he's still under house arrest and has to wear an ankle bracelet for 3 weeks.

He says he'll write a book-- I'd be surprised if he ever read one-- and find a job and possibly even get back into politics. After all, he is perfect for Staten Island-- and perfect for the Republican Party... A Donald Trump kind of Republican, in fact.

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