Saturday, May 07, 2016

Will The DCCC Welcome Teabaggers Angry At Establishment Republicans?-- PA-09


In the off-chance that the all-white Republican voters in deep red PA-09-- basically the leftover bits and bobs of the southern and central Pennsylvania: Altoona, the exurbs south of Pittsburgh to Chambersburg halfway across the state-- roused themselves on primary day a couple weeks ago to puke on their crooked, philandering congressman, Bill Shuster, we took a little look at the second primary challenge Shuster was getting from wealthy extreme right soiopath and teabagger, Art Halvorson. In 2014 Halvorson had scored 35% in a 3-way primary, to Shuster's 53%. Two weeks ago Halvorson didn't have the same degree of Tea Party energy at his back but no one knew how the mob of Trump supporters would relate to the primary battle between an establishment whore like Shuster and a principled extremist like Halvorson.

Trump won every single one of the dozen counties that make up PA-09. Cruz's best showing was 25.6% in Franklin County. PA-09 is Trump Country. It was almost Halvorson country too. The final vote count was 48,686 (50.5%) for the powerful incumbent who spent $1,655,437 to 47,677 (49.5%) Halvorson, who only spent $264,357, the closest race in the state. And Halvorson isn't ready too give up.

I spoke to Halvorson on the phone yesterday after reading about his decision to continue the jihad against Shuster on the otherwise empty Democratic Party line. Halvorson, who went out of his way to tell me he thinks Hillary should be in prison, isn't joining the Democratic Party. But over a thousand Democrats wrote him in on the Democratic line and he's using that as the excuse for claiming the Democratic line in the general. So, no, this isn't going to be another case like Charlie Crist, Patrick Murphy, Mike Parrish or any of the dozens of Republicans the DCCC has recruited to run as Democrats. This will certainly lead to a court case, possibly two-- one from Shuster, who's already freaking out and one from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.

A Shuster spokesperson said "It’s not really surprising to see Art Halvorson reject and ignore the will of the voters. He’s proven that he will do and say anything to get elected. While Art Halvorson challenges the courts to allow him to join the Hillary Clinton ticket, Congressman Shuster will be working hard to elect Donald Trump, whom Art Halvorson has called reprehensible, childish, and embarrassing, to the White House."

What Halvorson told me is that he hasn't made up his mind about Trump yet and wants to see if the GOP nominee turns out to be a conservative, pointing out that Shuster is just a career politician who doesn't care one way or the other what Trump stands for as long as there's something to grasp onto that will help him towards reelection. Many in the district, regardless of party, are angry that a trade group with business before Shuster's committee hired a high-priced hooker/lobbyist to have sex with him on a regular basis in return for him promoting their agenda. Shuster has been notorious for having sex with female lobbyists for years and was threatened by Boehner to stop or risk losing his chairmanship. He didn't stop and didn't lose his chairmanship, but Halvorson thinks that message, along with Shuster's general sleaziness, will resonate with general election voters regardless which ballot line he's on.

I wonder how the corrupt pack of swine at the DCCC will view this. If we hear more, we'll let you know.

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At 1:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The scandal of uncontested Republican seats in Pennsylvania - and across the nation - is exceeded only by the disgusting sight of the national and state Democratic Party intervening to defeat Joe Sestak, Mary Ellen Balchunis and all of the other corrupt forays they have made this year. The Democratic Party truly cares less about winning seats than they do about keeping control of the Party apparatus, profiting from it, and using it to settle personal grudges. The Democratic Party is a hollow, corrupted shell and should have had its leadership completely replaced at the state and national levels no later than the 2014 debacle.

At 6:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am also a pa dem and the above is absolutely true!


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