Friday, February 19, 2016

What's Going To Happen In South Carolina Tomorrow?


In 2008, the very same NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showing Cruz catching up to Herr Trumpf predicted Hillary was catching up to Obama a few days before the primary-- when he beat her 295,091 (55.4%) to 141,128 (26.7), with 93,552 votes (17.6%) going to next door neighbor John Edwards. I'd say it's not a reliable poll-- not when every other poll shows Herr way ahead. The RealClearPolitics polling average shows him leading by almost 15 points:
Herr Trumpf 32.9%
Cruz 18.1%
Rubio- 17.1%
Jeb- 10.5%
Kasich- 10.0%
Dr. Ben- 6.9%
And the most recent poll (ARG)-- yesterday-- shows Trumpf with 34% and Rubio in second place with 22%, followed by Kasich at 14% and Cruz struggling with 13% in 4th place. A win of that size for Herr could result in him winning all 50 delegates that up for grabs tomorrow. Ad spending doesn't seem to be sway the electorate all that much. These are the amounts each candidate has spent on TV and radio in South Carolina between the beginning of 2015 until today:

A look at the reptile brain impressions of typical Republican voters (see video directly below), largely manipulated not by paid ads but by Donald Trumpf, seem to indicate that the GOP is self immolating. The Deep Bench has been turned into a brutish sandbox-- a politically updated Animal Farm-meets-Lord of the Flies, like this scene of Jeb being murdered by Herr Trumpf.

Perhaps Cruz's religious-right rally today in Myrtle Beach, where Cruz beseeched the nuts to pray "for this country that this awakening, that this spirit of revival that is sweeping the country, that it continues, and grows, and that we awaken the body of Christ." He had been introduced by Duck Dynasty reality TV star Phil Robertson, who, waving a Bible over his head and screaming about gays. "When you start allowing men to determine what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is evil, you let men do it and they do not vet it through this book. Our founding fathers warned us over, and over, and over again, what you will end up doing is saying, 'Well, I know it sounds like it may be a violation of commandment number six, do not murder, but we’re just going to go ahead and tell these ladies of America, American women, they can kill their children.'" He didn't specify which founding fathers said that but went on making things up about culturally foundational documents: "I know what God says about perversion. I mean, you know… marriage is between a man and a woman. Keep your sex right there. Here’s a report from the CDC, gentlemen. Young men, marry you a woman. Oh, dude, if she’s clean, and you’re clean, and you marry her… you keep your sex right there, you’re never going to get a debilitating disease and/or dead. It’s safe!" He brought Cruz up to the mike calling him a "staunch, Jesus Bible-believing, Jesus-loving, godly man. We better get him in the White House, and we better get him in there quick!" What's better, Duck Dynasty or Bush Dynasty?

What a shame they didn't have a screen set up to show Herr Trumpf's McDonald's ad! Perhaps it would have clinched Myrtle Beach for Cruz-- although the ad doesn't say nearly as much as about the Republican Party, their Deep Bench and the quest for the presidential nomination as does the fine photo at the top of the page!

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