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Gun Fight At Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena In July? Maybe Not


GOP refuses to allow guns into their events

I have have to admit-- since I've been writing about it for weeks-- that I've been praying for a deadlocked Republican convention. Once it appeared that Herr Trumpf had pulverized Cruz and would sweep Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada, I couldn't see how the deadlock to keep Trumpf from a first ballot victory would work. No deadlock, no brokered convention (with the inevitable installation of Paul Ryan as the "compromise" candidate), no psycho-Trump fans shooting up the Quicken Loans Arena. But now that Cruz managed to win decisively in Iowa-- even if he did so by stealing Dr. Ben's voters-- we're back on track to a deadlocked, brokered convention. But maybe not the gun fight, after all.The delegate count is now Cruz 8, Herr Trumpf 7, Rubio 7, Carson 3, Jeb 1, Fiorina 1, Kasich 1, Rand Paul 1, Huckabee (who dropped out Monday night) 1-- perfect makings of a deadlocked convention.

Sure, sure, we all know the NRA-shilling GOP claims everyone is safer if people carry guns everywhere (except in Congress). But... apparently, despite Ohio's concealed carry law-- yes you can brings guns into a bar-- Republican delegates will not be allowed to bring guns into the July convention. Montana blogger Edward Burrow explained why not yesterday:
Ah, yes, Cleveland in the month of July.

Such a lovely time to be in the city that wore the moniker of "Mistake by the Lake," after the Cuyahoga River caught fire in 1969.

For many of you planning on attending the GOP Convention in that city, the biggest question is: Can I pack heat into the convention?

The answer is NO.

The Convention itself is being held at the Quicken Loans Arena just down the street from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Its policies clearly state that "no weapons of any kind" are permitted.

Got that, you say to yourself, "but, I have a concealed carry weapon permit issued by the State of Ohio. That means I'm golden, right?"


A phone call to 216-420-2195 will clear up any confusion.

This is not the first time gun-toters have been denied at a GOP event.

Despite the Grand Old Party's and its Presidential candidates' concerted pandering to gun rights, gun rights activists and generally the right to carry guns (1) everywhere, (2) any time, (3) no matter what, (4) no how, they and their ilk has a nasty habit of holding meeting and conventions in venues that prohibit attendees to carry firearms.

At the GOP nominating Convention in Tampa in 2012, guns were not allowed.

At numerous other GOP-centric events and venues in recent months, ditto.

Congressman Paul Ryan has a no gun policy for town meetings regardless of location. [Bows and arrows and permitted. What about crossbows?]

In August, ThinkProgress did a bit of research and found that most of the Donald Trump-owned golf courses and hotels it staff contacted are gun-free, including for those with concealed weapon permits.


If you read the facility and event policies, even those sponsored by GOP operatives, in most cases the reason cited for the prohibition is the safety of visitors.

So, convention-goers like you will be sitting ducks, right?

Given the Montana GOP's strident support for the Second Amendment, one might ask if its conducts meetings and conventions in venues that allow weapons. After all, in the 2013 Legislature it championed guns, guns everywhere, including college campuses.

It's holding it's Winter Kick-off this weekend (February 5-6) in Bozeman at the Holiday Inn.

No weapons allowed.

Well, ah'll be.

OK, but what about the state convention?

As for its upcoming state GOP convention, it's not clear when or where (or if) it will be held. (After it shut down its office, the Party events page fell out date for activities after September 2015. The Party's phone number (406-442-6469) rings to voice mail and the mailbox is full.)

If you happen to know, thanks for sharing.

If not, stay tuned.

Montanans hell bent on attending need to know if their Second Amendment rights be infringed.

UPDATE: Safer With Guns, Right, Boys?

This could mean trouble. Now that the Trumpf fans are getting wind of the fact that the GOP establishment is trying to steal the nomination from Herr Trumpf, they are demanding their constitutional right to bear arms and shoot each other up. I'll sign their petition!

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At 3:01 PM, Blogger Greg said...

The post makes it seem that it's just the GOP that supports open and or concealed carry. There are plenty of Dems that support the Second Amendment and the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelpha likely prohibits firearms. And despite the 45,000 petitioners requesting firearms be allowed in Cleveland, the ultimate decision resides with the feds. The Secret Service has the authority to restrict guns, firearms, or other weapons from entering any site where it is protecting an individual, which is the case at both sites.


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