Monday, February 01, 2016

GOP Closet Case Aaron Schock Offered $1,000,000 To Star In A Series On Hardcore Gay Porn Films


Last month we took a look at the gay porn company that did a movie based loosely on the life and foibles of Republican congressional closet case Aaron Schock, Cauke For President. Now another gay porn house, TitanMen, wants to make a series of gay porno films starring Aaron. They're offering him as much as a million dollars.

And Aaron needs that money as the legal bills for keeping him out of prison continue to mount. Although he has over half a million dollars left in his campaign account-- which he is allowed to use for his legal defense-- he already owes his attorneys at Jones Day more than that-- $746,985.45 to be exact. Schock, like virtually all GOP congressional closet cases, has been a homophobe and hypocrite but TitanMen is gambling that the money will open him up to their proposition.

TitanMen insists that the 34 year old Schock sign an exclusive deal with them and not make gay porn for any other companies. Their press release stressed that Schock is a "boyishly handsome and muscular 34-year-old Republican [who] became a media sensation thanks to his Instagram account, which features homoerotic images of Schock on expensive and exotic vacations, his chiseled physique on display in extreme sports, and for his dapper sense of fashion."
Aaron Schock stands 5’8″ tall and weighs in at 165 pounds of lean muscle. His impressive six-pack abs earned him a cover and in-depth interview in Men’s Health magazine, where he revealed the secret to his impressive physique: a grueling daily workout routine that includes 60-75 minutes of strength training followed by a five-mile run at 6:30 am.

“TitanMen has a history of signing iconically handsome men with both brains and brawn, and Aaron Schock fits that profile to a ‘T’,” said TitanMen Vice-President and managing partner Keith Webb. “Despite Schock’s scandal over allegedly misappropriating campaign funds, he has so much more to offer our fans. What we’re offering is a win-win situation, giving him the opportunity to break free and come out in a whole new world!”

If Schock agrees to join the TitanMen family, he will be in good company. In 2015 the newly reenergized brand signed several outstanding exclusive performers including Matthew Bosch, Dallas Steele, David Benjamin, and Eddy CeeTee, who joined Jesse Jackman, Hunter Marx, Nick Prescott, Eric Nero, and more in the ranks of iconic TitanMen. The Internet will surely be delighted with sexy new photos and video for Schock’s Instagram account.
TitanMen is a very hard core brand and the company doesn't fool around; Schock would have to work very hard for the money which would certainly include multiple x-rated scenes that would probably upset many of his former colleagues, though probably not Patrick McHenry (R-NC). A hint to TitanMen though-- instead of just offering him money, they might have more success if they offered to get his supposedly unrequited love interest, Adam Kinzinger (below), another Illinois Republican, to co-star in the series as his sweetie.

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