Saturday, December 19, 2015

Right, Herr Trumpf Has No SuperPAC; Nonetheless Herr Trumpf's SuperPAC Is Preparing Scorched Earth Attacks On Rubio


I can't imagine Trumpf wants to help Cruz, but that's exactly who he will be helping if he goes after Rubio. Cruz is the most hated man in the Senate but he's been tying Rubio to another extremely hated senator, Little Chuck Schmucky (AKA- Chuck Schumer). At the crackpot debate on CNN Tuesday, Cruz called Rubio's immigration bill "the Rubio-Schumer Gang of Eight bill" and mentioned "When there was a battle over amnesty and some chose, like Senator Rubio, to stand with Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer and support a massive amnesty plan."

Roger Stone, a sleazy GOP operative who was involved with the notorious Willy Horton ad, was running Trumpf's campaign and then left the campaign and now works for him as an advisor and-- illegally-- runs his SuperPAC, the Committee to Restore America’s Greatness. Stone says the SuperPAC will do no positive ads, just just negative smears against Rubio (and, if Christie actually starts rising in New Hampshire, him too). Trumpf and his campaign go to great lengths to disavow any connection to Stone, although it's pretty well-known that that's a legalistic ruse and Herr Trumpf's various SuperPACs have raised $5,828,922 to date-- or at least that is what has been reported to the FEC.
Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, disavowed the super PAC, calling it a "big-league scam deal."

"This is someone trying to profit off of Mr. Trump’s success and enrich themselves personally," he said, adding the last time he talked to Mr. Stone was "when I fired him in August." Mr. Stone says he quit the campaign.

In an email blast on Thursday and on the new group’s web site, Mr. Stone makes a number of accusations against Mr. Trump’s opponents and suggests that Mr. Rubio and rival John Kasich are secretly conspiring against the New York businessman. A super PAC backing Mr. Kasich, the Ohio governor, announced it would spent $2.5 million in ads opposing Mr. Trump.

Mr. Stone describes Mr. Rubio as a tool of special interests and wealthy donors.

"Would Rubio simply be a boy-toy for the billionaires?" he asks.

Mr. Stone also argues that Mr. Rubio "is not a reliable conservative" because of his sponsorship of a 2013 bill that would have allowed illegal immigrants to earn citizenship.

"Rubio even wants Obama to bring 100,000 Syrian refugees into our country, many of whom could be terrorists! This blows my mind!" Mr. Stone says.

This is Stone's PAC's very amateur-looking, cheapo website, which Herr Trumpf's official campaign manager claims is an elaborate scheme to fleece Trumpf supporters. On the front page, Stone wrote: "So now the Republican establishment, the billionaires, the hedge fund managers, and the Wall Street interests, has abandoned Jeb Bush and designated Senator Marco Rubio as the new GOP establishment candidate. The people who gave us John McCain and Mitt Romney-- losers-- now want to foist Marco Rubio off on us."
There is more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye. Marco Rubio, backed by a number of high-powered billionaires, has entered into a secret alliance with Governor John Kasich of Ohio. Like Rubio, Kasich is no conservative. Having embraced Obamacare, and Common Core. Rubio and Kasich plan a massive multi-million dollar paid television attack on Donald Trump in the early primary states. Rubio's well-heeled backers will funnel millions to Kasich for the Trump take down. In fact, Kasich began airing the first $2.5 million of these vicious negative attacks on Trump last week.

We believe it is vital that voters know about the real Marco Rubio, his liberal open-borders record, limited experience and how he is controlled by an handful of Wall Street billionaires. Marco Rubio intends to present himself to the voters of New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina, as another Ronald Reagan. In fact, he is a wheeler-dealer, who has played ball with the Obama administration on numerous issues such as immigration and trade.

That's why we've formed the Committee to Restore America's Greatness. Unlike the "Super PACs" controlled by billionaires, we will accept no corporate contributions. We are calling on average Americans and everyday citizens to help us finance a hard-hitting television and radio campaign exposing the real Marco Rubio, and his secret deal with would-be vice-president John Kasich... Unlike candidate fundraising there are no limits to the amount you can contribute to the PAC.

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