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The Noah Diaries (25): "Current emissions are not causing air-quality or public-health problems anywhere in America" (Steve Milloy of Fox "News")


Secede already, Texas!, Solyndra -- all Obama's fault, Repugs on science, megachurch mogul calls Mormons a cult, and more

Anti-science raver Steve Milloy makes a lovely living being paid not just by FOX but by megacorporate health and environment ravagers to spew nonsense and lies. (See 10/7.)

by Noah

10/3/11 -- Oh no, more wackitude from Texas (please, Texas, go away -- just secede already!)

Hardly a week goes by when we don't hear about some sort of blatant racism coming from Republicans, and they wonder why we think they are naturally racists to the core, always in touch with their inner Grand Wizard. Now we have its duly elected governor, Rick Perry not immediately seeing the name of his rented Niggerhead Ranch as offensive or insensitive? He wasn't even shocked-and-appalled.

Will this hurt Perry in the primaries? No. In fact, given the mindset of the average Republican voter, it may help him immensely. It wouldn't surprise me if Perry leaked this story himself. Think about it. What better way to boost your falling ratings with Republican voters? They'll see this as just more evidence that Perry is one of them! He even hemmed and hawed, trying to obfuscate, saying something about having had the sign painted over but he just couldn't remember when that might have been. He also didn't bother condemning the sign. That might have offended his fellow Republicans. It was his way of being defiant for his base.

Will the Tea Party/Republican Party be speaking out about this? Why even ask? Aside from Herman Cain, the silence is deafening, and he immediately got his head handed to him by Limbaugh and the rest of Repug leadership. I do, though, half expect some prominent Republican to admit that "maybe it can be seen as insensitive" and then call for the place to be renamed Tar Baby Ranch, or buy the property and turn it into a big Texas amusement park named Coonland.

Well, what do you expect from people who don't believe in evolution? After all, accepting evolution is a tacit admission that we all come from the same distant ancestors and share humanity. You know those little ribbons that people wear to support their favorite cause? It's only a matter of time before Republicans start wearing little nooses on their lapels.

A congressional resolution to condemn the name of Gov. Rick Perry's Niggerhead hunting ranch was defeated by Congress along party lines. Were you expecting the Republican Party to vote against the use of racial slurs? What would they say behind the closed doors of their private country clubs? It wouldn't shock me if Perry had already handed every Republican congresscreep a Niggerhead Ranch coffee mug. Do you expect Republicans to vote against racism? Come on now. How many of us would ever vote against the essence of our individual being? How can any of us vote against our dreams?

10/6/11 -- Solyndra: Surely, this must be Obama's fault, no?

In their nonstop efforts to blame President Obama for something, anything, Republicans are trying to sink him with the failure of a West Coast-based solar-tech company named Solyndra, which is going belly up after getting a loan from the U.S. government.

The media joined right in, and we'll no doubt hear a bit about this non-scandal during the 2012 campaign. The problem for the righties, in and out of the mainstream media, is that the charge of failure and the blame aren't sticking. Why? Three reasons:

1) The loan represented only 1.3% of Department of Energy investments, and it's the only one that has failed. Not every investment is a success, and normal people understand that.

2) The loan was originally advanced for two years by George W. Bush.

3) America's richest family, the Waltons (Walmart), are heavily involved, and they give a lot of financial backing to Republicans.

Looking to the future, some of us grasp that we won't be able to rely on oil forever. Solar power will have to be part of the energy supply, so we must figure it all out. When it comes to solving our energy problems, what would be stupid is not to try. I don't like that we lost the money, but we lost a lot of money on rocket tech too before we got to the moon and before we built the satellite systems that are such a big part of our daily lives today. And we lost a lot of money on failed plane designs before we came up with the stealth bomber.

One way or another, we are going to need to replace our reliance on oil. Those who don't want to move forward would be the first to moan and write nasty columns if the day came that our country had no energy sources left. Sticking our heads in the sand like the Republicans want us to do will only have us ending up in the Stone Age again. What's it gonna be?

10/7/11 -- With thanks to the Union of Concerned Scientists for providing some prime examples of the Republican position regarding the climate-change issue

"The planet used to be dramatically warmer when we had dinosaurs and no people. To the best of my knowledge the dinosaurs weren'tdriving cars."
-- Newt Gingrich

"If you have one volcano in the world, that one volcano puts out more carbon dioxide than everything that man puts out. I don't think [global warming is] a farce, but I think temperatures go up and I think temperatures go down."
-- three-time WV Repug U.S. Senate candidate John Raese

"I'm not a meteorologist. All I know is, 90 percent of the scientists say climate change is occurring. . . . If 90 percent of the oncological community said something was causing cancer, we'd listen to them."
-- former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman

"The EPA has been implementing regulations to force utilities to reduce emissions of pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides, and mercury even though the current emissions are not causing air-quality or public-health problems anywhere in America."
-- FOX "News" "science" commentator Steve Milloy,
in a
Washington Times op-ed [Breathtaking!]

You can see why Jon Huntsman's campaign for the Republican nomination hasn't gained any traction with his medieval party.

10/7/11 -- Quote of the Year nominee: Neil Boortz knows disasters

"Barack Obama is a bigger disaster to this country than 9/11."

Boortz said this on Sean Hannity's show, to raucus cheers from the Hannity audience. No butterfly nets were seen. There was, however, a banner at the bottom of the screen that said "15 years -- Fair And Balanced." Personally, I wouldn't say that FOX "News" is a bigger disaster to this country than 9/11, but really, the two do go hand in hand. The worst enemy to a country is often the enemy within.

10/8/11 -- How crazy is the kook party? It's come to this: A Perry backer, the Rev. Robert Jeffress, head of a megachurch cult himself, has called Mormonism a cult

"Mormonism is not Christianity. Mormonism is a cult. And just because somebody talks about Jesus as his lord and savior, he is not a Christian."
-- Pastor Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Church, Dallas

And your Good Christians would know a cult when they see one. This from people who think birds fall from the sky and fish float to the surface of their local pond because there are gay people. People who see their Savior's face in a grilled cheese sandwich and His mom when the window frosts. Sometimes the pot calls the kettle black. These people could spend eternity with a team of shrinks and it wouldn't help. Deprogramming is the field of the future, folks. I see plenty of jobs on the horizon.

10/11/11 -- Quote of the Year nominee: Alan Grayson

"They destroyed 20 percent of our national wealth in the course of just 18 months from the middle of 2007 to the end of 2008, destroyed 20 percent of our national wealth accumulated over the course of two centuries, and nobody's been prosecuted for it. Nobody's been indicted."
-- Alan Grayson, on Rachel Maddow, regarding
the origins of Occupy Wall Street anger

The whole clip, available at the provided link, is well worth viewing. In a more reasonable and less corrupt era, Alan Grayson would be considered presidential material. Instead, we get an endless parade of clown-school rejects.

10/14/11 -- Quote of the Year nominee: Covington (KY) City Commissioner Steve Frank

Here's yet another deranged Republican who wishes to see blood, and the more, the better. It's a card the right has always played, going back at least to April 1865. It worked in Mississippi. It worked in Alabama. It worked in Haymarket Square. It worked in Dallas. It worked in Jackson, Missisippi, It worked at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. It worked in Kent, Ohio. It worked in Greensboro. Righties treat violence as their ticket to happiness and a source of some sort of physical gratification. They were even willing to end life on Earth over some missiles in Cuba.

Meanwhile Karl Rove bitches and whines about Occupy Wall Street participants, saying Teabaggers are more civilized. Hmmm. Hitler signs, pictures of Obama as a witch doctor, gun-totin' white supremacists . . . the right is frantically trying to picture the OWS as a bunch of hippie-socialist filthy-commie types in order to drive a wedge between those who support OWS and those who either haven't formed an opinion yet or don't even know about the movement..

The statements coming from the Rovian whining class could almost be duplicates of things being said at the time of the 1960s civil rights and war protest movements. They're stuck like a scratched record, and determined to stay there no matter what. You get the feeling that many Teabaggers could be dragged from their homes for no reason by their local police and they would still be spouting the righty spew they heard on FOX or CNN the night before.

10/14/11 -- Republican campaign slogans

Mitt Romney: Because He's WHITE!
Rick Perry: God's Plan! What Would Jesus Do? Vote for Perry!
Michele Bachmann: You'll get me AND a queen!
Rick Santorum: I LOVE My Dog!
Newt Gingrich: The Fourth Reich: It's Not Too Late!
Herman Cain: You Want Mushrooms on It?
Jon Huntsman: Vote for Me, Because I Need a Job!
Ron Paul: Some Catfood in Every Pot, a UFO in Every Garage!

Bonus slogans
Tea Party: Bigfoot Doesn't Pay Taxes, So Why Should We?
Democratic Party: Yes, We Can, but No, We Won't!

10/18/11 -- How desperate are the Repugs? How fearful of the OSW movement are they?

Here's Dick Morris yammering on FOX with Lou Dobbs about how President Obama shouldn't be expressing sympathy for the OSW protesters:

"When you get a leftist movement like this going on, that goes way over and in a very, very difficult situation. Just think of the flip side, if you had a large Klan movement in the United States with a Republican president."

It's like watching two old geezers boozing it up on the front porch, not knowing they're suffering from dementia. Or they could be hanging out in a sherrif's office in 1963 Mississippi. The comedy team of Morris & Dobbs managed to show the chronic Repug race consciousness once again. Since the hour that Barack Obama announced his candidacy, Republicans have viewed everything to do with him in terms of his disturbing racial background. To quote Bill-0, "He's not a traditional guy." He plays basketball and wasn't in Little League, says Mike Hucksterbee! And you know who plays basketball, don't you?

It would be hard to make scenes like this up. Maybe this is why The Simpsons is calling it a day. Its satire has become reality. The writers just can't compete with the comedy stylings of FOX.

10/18/11 -- In tonight's Republican debate CNN's Anderson Cooper repeated the FOX lie that 46 percent of Americans don't pay taxes

It will always mystify me why people who see what FOX is don't see that CNN is very similar, just not as strident and angry, but still with the same right-wing agenda.
History in the making:
Selections from THE NOAH DIARIES 2011

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