Monday, December 20, 2010

Random Musings on 2010 (3)


Beck ‘s TV show is Invaders From Mars every damn day -- a fake drama that panics its gullible audience (No. 4).

by Noah

1. OK, I’m not bitter because not one single TSA employee has given me her card or tried to chat me up after I went through their Michael Chertoff Porno-Scanners. Hell, I get it. I’m past my peak, if ya know what I mean. But does anyone out there really doubt that there's a TSA office out there somewhere deep in the bowels of some airport which has a bulletin board that features a “Scan of the Day”? And it’s autographed?

2. It amuses me that the same people who can support Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy turn around and whine about exorbitant CEO pay scales. Since when does how we give the rich ridiculous amounts of money to screw us matter? Isn’t it more logical or saner to be either for both or against both?

3. Will Politico win a Pulitzer for its attacks on President Obama? Back on November 23, third-quarter corporate profits were announced as being the highest in 60 years. GM WAS SAVED AND THEIR STOCK WAS TRADING briskly. The president went to Kokomo, Indiana, where, due to his stimulus program, factories were hiring again. What was Republican Pravda, er, Politico’s response?

Imagine if Obama went to the wilds of Pakistan and personally captured Osama bin Laden and emptied a Tec-9 into his skull. Politico headlines would read: “Obama Murders Saudi Businessman!” and “Vigilante President!” Beck would do an hour on “Why did he silence bin Laden? What would bin Laden have said? Would Obama have been implicated in a Muslim terror plot?”

4. Beck ‘s TV show is Invaders From Mars every damn day. It’s a fake drama that panics its gullible audience just like the original Orson Welles War of the Worlds radio show did in 1938 -- on Halloween, no less. How appropriate! Making something sound like news doesn’t mean it is news, but a public that lacks critical thinking can’t discern the difference.

5. Christine O’Donnell said God told her to run. Maybe he didn’t mean for office?

6. A student of history he isn’t: A loon of Irish descent on Fox says we have a “Muslim problem.” A hundred years ago bigoted men very much like him were saying, “We have an Irish problem.” Those who don’t learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

7. The same folks who find the content of the WikiLeaks to be shocking will someday be shocked and completely surprised to find that Tim Geithner is a Wall Street sleazebag. Who could have known?

8. The DCCC, led by Rep. Chris Van Hollen, didn’t give any money to Rep. Alan Grayson. Why? They wanted to be rid of him almost as much as the Repug Party. Grayson violated the 11th Commandment in Washington: Thou shalt not speak the truth in Congress.

9. Michelle Bachmann says she wants to “return to the original Constitution.” I was unaware that there were two Constitutions, but apparently she means that she wants to return to the Constitution as it stood before the Bill of Rights. I’m guessing she means that we need to go back to a time when black people counted as three-fifths human; only those who owned land could vote; and no women at all could vote. Does this mean that Bachmann has never voted for herself and doesn’t even want that right? Obviously, if we follow her “logic,” she couldn’t run for office. Simple deductive reasoning: It’s time to resign, Michelle!

10. Remember the Dr. Laura 11X N-Word Schlesinger? She just got a big new corporate deal to broadcast her brand of hate on satellite radio. But then, the media let her off the hook when the N-word flap broke out. They concentrated on her multiple repetition of the N-word while letting her dance and spin around her use of the objectionable word, claiming “free speech” and “just making a point.”

But context is everything, and this time the media did take Schlesinger's fire-belching statement out of context, which for her was a good thing. Had the media been so inclined and really gone after her, they would have focused on, not the dreaded N-word, but on two other things that, to me, leave no doubt about her stance on race. (1) Her blaming the victim who called in by saying she should have thought before she married “outside her race,” as if that were wrong somehow, and (2) her expressing the idea that demonizing white people who hate black people is wrong. She got off way too easy, and then ended up with a better job. Our softball-tossing media is as wrong as Schlesinger in this matter.


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At 9:02 AM, Anonymous Bil said...

I LOVED the 2009 12 Days of scorn, unfortunately so much good/bad material to work with.

I bet the 2010 12 days of scorn would be an even bigger good/bad hit...

However it seems a little late for this year...can we just blame it ALL on Rahm Emmanuel?

Noah, Thanks!

At 11:53 AM, Anonymous Noah said...

Thanks Bil. I enjoyed the 12 Days Of Christmas Scorn and I've been very pleased about its ongoing reception but I just can't go and do the same thing every year. I like to mix things up and keep the staleness away by altering the angle of attack. Perhaps the awards will be back next year, or, maybe just something else that holds equal measures of contempt. You're right about there being no shortage of material. In fact, this year was overwhelming but my purpose in the Random Musings is to remind people of some of the vast right wing insanity and trigger some positive responses.


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