Friday, October 22, 2010

Joe Sestak And Ann Kuster Are Running Against Two Republicans Who Favor-- Literally-- Outsourcing American Jobs To China


Yesterday we looked at the disturbing question Has The Republican Party Turned Itself Into A Great Big Chinese Mole? and I think the answer is even more disturbing than the question. We've focused in on some of the worst of the Republicans and Blue Dogs who have conspired with foreign interests-- your Boehners and McConnells-- to sell out American workers and we've touched on some of the most egregious cases of self-interested candidates like Wisconsin's Ron Johnson. Two days ago, however, Joe Sestak, who has been fighting this countries enemies for his entire career, debated Wall Street derivatives trader and job outsourcing proponent sleazebag Pat Toomey.

Toomey is desperate to run away from his own record, especially now that voters are getting to know that record and are melting away from his campaign in droves. Although he decided to gamble by rolling out what could be a highly toxic endorsement from Sarah Palin, Toomey is attempting to cover up his support for outsourcing. It's not easy for him because his book, The Road to Prosperity talked about his belief that the United States has an “unfortunate tendency” to use “buy American language” in legislation. And according to a report in the Allentown Morning Call on September 26, Toomey wants a regulatory system more like Hong Kong. Like Ron Johnson, these authoritarian-leaning Republicans just love China, where the rich run the show and the poor shut their mouths and love like ants. “I was seeing pretty close up which economies were succeeding and which ones weren’t, and there is an unmistakable correlation,” Toomey said. “Those that are heavily regulated and centrally controlled underperform. And those like Hong Kong, where there is regulation but it is sensible, they thrive.”

In fact, Toomey's campaign is partially being financed by Communist China through a deal they have with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Ann Kuster is facing a similar challenge from an outsourcing fanatic who used to be in Congress, Charlie Bass. Bass' campaign is also full of illicit yuan, rubles, dinars and rupees, courtesy of the Chamber. And if Toomey is smart enough to try to hide his love of outsourcing, Bass is too stupid to understand how hated it is by Americans and was still defending it in a debate last week! He cited a former Bush economic advisor claiming, “For every single job that is outsourced in America, two new jobs are created.” Ann Kuster, a community activist who talks with real people doesn't figure out what's going on in New Hampshire by talking with former Bush advisors and lobbyists.

“Nearly 40,000 of our neighbors in New Hampshire are unemployed,” said Kuster. “By Congressman Bass’ logic shipping 20,000 more US jobs overseas will put them all back to work. Only people like Congressman Bass, who have spent way too long in Washington, believe that kind of nonsense... I completely disagree with Congressman Bass’s impassioned defense of outsourcing, and with his votes to protect tax loopholes that reward companies for sending American jobs overseas. Instead of helping companies outsource jobs to India and China, we should be helping them grow good jobs here at home.”

Like Joe Sestak, she advocates closing the tax loopholes that Bass and Toomey voted for and which reward corporations for sending jobs overseas. Both also favor proposals to incentivize the creation of domestic jobs and each is insisting that trade agreements are fair to American workers. Sestak voted against China’s currency manipulation in September and Kuster says she would have done the same. John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, David Dreier, and Mike Pence whipped the GOP on behalf of the China's position and there is nothing in Bass' long record in Congress to indicate he would have opposed them. He certainly never did in the past. While he was in Congress, pushing the same patently unfair trade policies that Toomey was agitating for, New Hampshire lost over 10,000 well-paying middle class jobs to China. This is the ad Kuster started running in New Hampshire Wednesday:

UPDATE: Sleazy Boehner-Boy In Columbus Tries To Blame Outsourcing On Democrat... Who Fought Against It Most Loudly

Straight out of Rove's manual for attacking your opponent's strength, the ethics-free zone that is the Steve Stivers campaign is trying a new ploy to attack Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy. In an incredibly cynical and deceptive act of desperation, bank lobbyist and Boehner puppet Stivers produced an ad attempting to saddle anti-outsourcing crusader, Kilroy, with the very crimes Boehner and his GOP cronies are guilty of: shipping good paying American jobs to China. Even the conservative Columbus Dispatch was astounded at Stivers' patently fake hysteria. All that's missing is news that Stivers, like Republican Mark Kirk, was holding a Beijing fundraiser to pay for the ad!

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