Monday, August 24, 2009

Jim Cooper Redux-- Get Ready For A Nashville Primary


Yesterday we asked the simple question Who Is Jim Cooper And Why Is He Trying To Kill Health Care Reform?. In trying to answer the question we pointed out-- based on talks with people in Nashville-- that his constituents are unhappy with his work on behalf of his corporate donors and against the interests of their families. Today at Daily Kos, all that is quantified.

Cooper has been practically begging for a primary challenge. His favorability ratings are far below President Obama's and far below Governor Bredesen's. And his duplicitous role in the health care debate has a lot to do with it. Among all voters in the district 61% favor the public option Cooper is trying to kill on behalf of Big Insurance. Among Democrats... 80% favor the public option. Even 64% of Republicans favor it! So it's unsurprising that 77% of Democrats disapprove of Cooper's actions of health care.

Right now there is no primary opponent for Jim Cooper. That's about to change.

UPDATE: Blue Dog Cooper Howling In Indignation

Cooper went running to the Nashville Post, yelping that he's for he public option and that Obama isn't as popular in Nashville as scientific unbiased polling shows him to be. Markos cut him to shreds and left little blue doggie pieces all over the K Street gutter.

Cooper says he supports the public option suddenly? Like Bernie Sanders? He and Karl Rove are holding a joint event to discuss health care in Nashville on Saturday. He didn't invite Bernie. Maybe because Bernie makes too much sense for them:

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