Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Right Riseth-- Rubio Is Just Burying Crist


Mainstream conservatives are pretty far right these days. When people whose world views are even more reactionary than Mussolini's and Otto Von Bismarck's are the "mainstream," you have to start wondering what the lunatic fringe is going to come up with. Look no further than the far right's fave for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate seat in Florida, Marco Rubio. While Lindsey Graham was pursing her lips, stomping her feet and exhorting Obama to hiss more ominously at the Iranians-- who were simultaneously praying to their gods and saints and holy black rocks that Obama would hiss more ominously at them-- Rubio, as I mentioned Monday, was in a twittery fantasy about gun battles in the streets of Tehran.

Already kicking Charlie Crist's butt in county GOP straw polls, Rubio is definitely rising while Crist looks like some patsy of the Insider Establishment. Yesterday Huckabee not only endorsed his old friend Rubio, he savaged the Insider Establishment, joining the Senate's most radical right member, Jim DeMint, is the anti-Crist camp. Watch Huck making Rubio seem like a normal person by blabbling out a batch of tired, failed right-wing talking point:

Former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee (R) on Tuesday lit into the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) for endorsing Gov. Charlie Crist over another Republican in Florida’s open Senate race.

Huckabee announced his official support for former state House Speaker Marco Rubio (R) in a video Tuesday. In an interview with The Hill, he criticized the NRSC for turning its back on a true conservative.

“I’m disgusted that they would take a position in a hotly contested race when you have a quality candidate like Marco Rubio, who was the youngest Speaker in the Florida House,” Huckabee said. “This is not just some nameless, faceless guy that decided to throw his name in, who had no chance and no credibility.”

He continued: “I thought that their endorsement not only was premature, but was outrageous. And they ought to get behind the guy who would do a whole lot more, in my mind, to unite and fire up Republicans, and that’s Marco Rubio.”

...“The establishment Republicans have made this endorsement for the same reason that they’re in so much trouble,” Huckabee said. “They go out there and support stuff like TARP bills and stimulus packages, pork-barrel spending and huge debt, and they wring their hands and act like, 'This is not good, but we don’t have a choice.'"

Huckabee forgot to mention that extremists like Rubio can win Republican primaries but can't win statewide general elections unless they're in places like Utah, Idaho or South Carolina. And he forgot to mention that the NRSC begged Crist to run from the moment Mel Martinez realized he would lose the seat if he sought re-election. Crist made his decision conditional on backing from the NRSC and the Party Establishment. Now the lunatic fringe of the GOP-- the Huckabees and DeMints-- are throwing a wrench into the works. And at the rate things are going-- with all the momentum on Rubio's side-- it's starting to look like Crist will actually lose the primary, allowing a joke of a third-rate Democrat to slip into the Senate seat. Rubio is demanding a series of 10 debates, something that would certainly seal Crist's fate and end his career. He's way too slippery to accept, of course.

UPDATE: Another Startling Endorsement For Rubio!

Florida's most radical right member of Congress, Jeff Miller, turned against the Florida insider Establishment, against Beltway Insiders as well, to endorse Marco Rubio. Add him to the rapidly growing list of anti-Crists!

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At 4:28 PM, Blogger Michael Hussey said...

I have been following the Crist-Rubio match up. Republican straw polls are meaningless. Mitt Romney would have been the Republican nominee for president. Being in Florida, straw polls are held in the most back ass of places and draw activist that look like the natives in Deliverance. Crist is going to crush Rubio.

If Rubio was smart he would have gotten out of the Senate race and ran for Governor. Is Rubio afraid he can't beat Bill McCollum? More likely the Florida conservative faction told Rubio Governor is McCollum's race.

Crist has the race rigged in his favor. The NRSC and RPoF have endorsed him. John Cornyn and Jim Greer will do everything to get Crist elected. Mike Huckabee couldn't raise money for his campaign. How is he going to help Rubio?

Kendrick Meek wants Rubio. I'm really dissatisfied with how Crist has governed but Rubio is crazy and incompetent. Dems thought Bush being stupid would be the best candidate for Gore. WE saw how that worked.

At 4:33 PM, Blogger RadioOrNot said...

I live in South Florida, and both men would make horrendous Senators. Charlie Crist is a do-nothing opportunist who only wanted to be McCain's running mate. After Palin was picked, he went back to Tallahassee with his tail between his legs.

Rubio is truly dangerous. His most recent outrage was saying that what the people of Iran need is the "second amendment". Sure, then instead of 20 dead, we'd probably be looking at hundreds by now.

At 9:02 PM, Blogger Laura said...


What's dangerous is a government gone wild, as is happening in Iran right now, with armed government workers beating and killing and generally terrorizing unarmed, (and therefore helpless) people for expressing their opinion.

That's why the 2nd Amendment is such an important part of our Constituion. Rudio was referring to the fact that in this country we have the right to arm and defend ourselves against criminals of all kinds - tyrannical governments included.


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