Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fox Reports That Congressional Republicans "Disinvited" Palin To Their Big Dinner


The Palin camp says they dumped the congressional Republicans before the congressional Republicans dumped Palin but the congressional Republicans told Fox News that Palin "was a disaster" to deal with and not worth the effort. They settled on a figure from the GOP's dark, failed past, Newt Gingrich for their June 8th fundraiser. "The decision to book Gingrich instead of Palin seems to be indicative of growing discontent in the party with the Alaska governor and her potential ability to lead the GOP. And it's the latest in a series of gaffes that have plagued her since the November."
Congressional Republicans decided Tuesday to ditch the former GOP vice presidential nominee in favor of the former House speaker for the critical House-Senate fundraising dinner in June 8 in Washington. It's the marquee Republican event to raise money for GOP House and Senate candidates.

Just weeks ago, the House and Senate Republican campaign committees were giddy at securing the telegenic Palin for the dinner. But then things grew murky. At the time, the Alaska governor's office told FOX News that Palin was still considering the invitation and had not yet made a decision. Meantime, spokespersons for the committees insisted that Palin was scheduled and it was just a misunderstanding between the Alaska governor's office and Palin's political action committee, SarahPAC, that accepted the invite.

Sources familiar with the Palin snub fumed about how the governor handled this.

"She was a disaster," one Republican source told FOX News. "We had confirmation."

...Another source familiar with the invitation indicated that the campaign committees were so incensed with Palin that they did not even bother to officially notify her that they rescinded the invitation.

Republican extremists from the far right edge of the party's fringes are screaming bloody murder over what they perceive as a slight against Palin, who they imagine has some kind of a chance to be nominated to run for president in the future (on the planet earth). One right-wing fanatic writes, "The Republicans in DC should take the advice Chuck Grassley recently offered to AIG execs and take the knife to themselves. You idiots couldn't even easily put away a special election for a District in which Republicans out numbered Dems by tens of thousands. For the most part the GOP has lost touch with the people." Another compares Republican Establishment disdain for Palin's stupidity with what the Establishment once felt towards Reagan! Meanwhile, the company town press points out that Palin "continues to suffer growing pains" and blames the kerfuffle on what "appears to be a significant disconnect between Palin's official governor's staff and the group of advisers that have grown up around her new leadership PAC." They blame Greta Van Susteren's husband, John Coale who seems to want to play the role of Palin's Rasputin. "In short," sums up Chris Cillizza, "Palin still has potential. But, she needs to quickly get her political team arranged and on the same page before any more damage is done."

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