Friday, March 27, 2009

NY-20: Tedisco Gets Libertarian Kicked Off Ballot-- Libertarian Endorses Scott Murphy


In giant blunder, GOP nationalizes congressional race

Jim Tedisco thought it would help him win the congressional election in upstate New York's 20th CD on Tuesday if he could get Eric Sundwall, the Libertarian candidate out of the race. Sundwall says he and his family have been abused, threatened and harassed. And the Republican state party machine has tied him up in court so that he couldn't campaign. The Board of Elections kicked him off the ballot and late today he announced he would not be contesting the decision and that he endorsed Democrat Scott Murphy, probably sealing Tedisco's fate.
Faced with the prospect of spending much of the rest of campaign on the witness stand being harassed by the machine's hired gun, I chose not to play that game. Since I could not file suit in the county of my choosing, I decided to end my candidacy and not subject myself and my family to any further abuse, threats or harassment from the political machine.

...Mr. Tedisco denies any involvement with the concerted effort by his supporters to knock me off the ballot. I don't believe him. The ruthless effort by his supporters to knock me off the ballot without a word of protest by him proves his unfitness for any office let alone Congress in these critical times.

I will be voting for Scott Murphy on Tuesday. While we disagree on some important issues, I find him to be a man of honor, a good family man and successful businessman. Unlike Tedisco, he actually lives in the District. And, unlike Mr. Tedisco, I view Scott's business success as a virtue, not a vice.

I urge my supporters and all those who believe in open and free elections to show their disgust at the tactics of the Republican political machine to win at all costs. Please join me in voting for Scott Murphy on Tuesday.

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At 8:50 AM, Anonymous Balakirev said...

To be fair to Tedisco, he's probably just following the rote Republican plan set up by that Clausewitz-in-short-pants, Turd Blossom: use every dirty trick to get into office. And hell, disavowing everything your subordinates did worked well for McCain! -It just didn't help with getting him elected. But you can't have everything, not unless you're a faux Texan fratboy barely fit to be elected dogcatcher.

But what do the polls show us in this race? Is Tedisco likely to trump both his opponents? If not, maybe he can draw some thoughtful conclusions from this. Possibly form an informal mutual commiseration club with the likes of Barbie Dole, who also brilliantly shot herself in the foot.

At 4:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Democratic Candidate Scott Murphy is using controversial Republican figures to get voters to come out to the polls on Tuesday. Let's see if the times union does it's job and asks Murphy about this.

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Scott Murphy for Congress tax problem

Scott Murphy for Congress against death penalty


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